Patrick Sharp Will Not Be a Blackhawk Next Season: Where Will He Go?

Amber AlexanderContributor IJune 10, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - JUNE 09:  Head coach Joel Quenneville and Patrick Sharp #10 of the Chicago Blackhawks look on from the bench in Game Six of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Final against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Wachovia Center on June 9, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks will enjoy this win, as they should, for about two weeks before the nerves start to kick in.

The organization was criticized for trying to build a franchise too fast. For example the dilemma with the Blackhawks right now is who will be in a Blackhawk jersey next season.


I know this is what every team thinks of their own future, but with the Blackhawks, they made a lot risky moves and yes it got them the Cup, but what about the future.


Toews, Keith, and Kane are of course locked in. But now you gotta worry about players such as Patrick Sharp.  


Chicago says that he is "untouchable," but there's no way you can get four lines and then still have the players under contract from last season and then be able to sign Sharp, who makes around $3.5 million.  


Another thing is the Blackhawks will be giving Jonathan Toews about $1.3 million just for winning the Conn Smythe.  


So how much are the Blackhawks over already in cap space?


I'm thinking around $2 million over, and they have about 14 free agents coming up.  


July 1 is moving fast. So now it's time to decide what to do with the players who will be free agents by July 1.


The two big guns that I see leaving are Sharp and Versteeg. Versteeg is leaving no matter what I think, and I know Pittsburgh is probably looking to bring him in for a winger spot.  But Pittsburgh is probably looking heavily on Sharp, along with a lot of other clubs. 


The only way that I see Patrick Sharp staying with the Blackhawks is if they can get rid of Brian Campbell.  Campbell is going to be great on another team, but he's not worth the $7 million he is getting.  Sidney Crosby makes $8.7 million, and is a million times better than Campbell will ever be. That's too much to give someone who isn't worth it.  


Sharp has an ability to find spots to pass the puck, but also knows when to shoot. He's perfect for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  


And I believe that if he knows he is getting traded, Pittsburgh will be his number one choice.


I would love to see Sharp or Versteeg in a Penguins uniform. 


We have a lot of players who play center so moving them around would help the offense.  


Here is what I see as the Offense that Pittsburgh should use(this is just an opinion without the cap): 


Kunitz     Crosby     Sharp 


Tangradi  Malkin   Guerin 


Cooke   Staal     Kennedy 


Talbot   Adams   Rupp