Mark Streit, the Most Valuable Player in the NHL?

Shane HouseAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

I bet when most people read this I will be called an idiot. Actually I expect it, but hear me out before you judge me on this.

Most people give the MVP to players who score the most points or close to it, but people sometimes forget that players bring more to a team then what goals can ever bring.

What I am talking about is a player that does the little things right, goes into corners, and takes hits. Being versatile while still putting points on the board at both even strength, and on the power play.

The player I am talking about is Mark Streit.

This guy can do it all. He can play defense and forward, and be very effective at both. He has a great shot while moving the puck very well, to go along with his speed.

Now some people may say that other players can do this too like Steve Montador, Wade Belak and Christoph Schubert. However the fact of the matter is that these players aren't nearly as skilled with the puck as Mark Streit (especially Wade Belak).

Mark Streit is the most dangerous type of player you can have in your lineup. A guy that can play any position and be effective.

While playing almost every position on the ice, he amassed 13 goals and 49 assists for 62 points.

Honestly, if this guy wanted, he could get 20 goals in a year if he had the chance to shoot and play more forward.

Most people say that Alexei Kovalev was the reason that Montreal's power play was so good, but I say it was because of Mark Streit that their power play was so effective. 

This guy is the most dangerous player in the league because he can fill in anywhere on the ice and any player who can do that as well as he does, deserves the MVP award in my opinion.