Confirmed: New York Rangers Will Wear Third Jersey Next Season

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJune 2, 2010

According to SNY Rangers Blog , the New York Rangers will be sporting a third jersey next season. They have it confirmed with an inside source who says stores are already placing orders for the jersey from Reebok.

Of course, where did the first reports of this third jersey come from?

Right here on From New York to San Francisco .

I am not bragging by bringing this up, I just want to take note of the fact that independent sources and blogs can be trusted when no one sees it fit to give us credit for anything.

Although the actual design has not been confirmed by anyone, I would like to thank my anonymous source who gave me the inside track back on March 16, when the initial report was published here.

The article got us linked on Icethetics, and I want to thank them for giving me the light of day when everyone else had doubts.

The report I had was that it would say “New York” diagonally across the front, but once again, that is unconfirmed, and could have been speculation added to the report by my source.

The above picture was actually of the jersey the Rangers wore in their first game after the September 11th attacks, when both they and the Buffalo Sabres honored New York City and the firefighters.

The only other design I could think of them using would be what is pictured above.

I would not mind that either, and really enjoyed seeing the team wear it during the 2003/04 season for select Vintage Jersey nights throughout the season.

The thing I will never forget about them, though, is that it was what the team wore in their first game after trading Brian Leetch that season.

We will now await word on what the design will be, and as exciting as this is, surely it is only being done to increase revenue after a season that went without a playoff appearance.

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