Russia Beats Canada 5-2 In IIHF Hockey: So Who Is The Better Country

Dalen Brueckner Correspondent IMay 21, 2010

VANCOUVER, BC - FEBRUARY 24: Ilya Kovalchuk #71 of Russia reacts after the ice hockey men's quarter final game between Russia and Canada on day 13 of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics at Canada Hockey Place on February 24, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Russia is well on their way to winning their 3rd consecutive World Championships Gold Medal. They managed to beat Canada again. If that is all the information you look at you could say that Russia is better then Canada. After all it is hard to argue with a 5-2 thrashing in the quarter-finals. Canada also lost to Switzerland, Sweden and the Czech Republic. 

Now Canada's fans love hockey. We live and breathe with Hockey. We cheer hard for the Canadians and we hate to lose. So why when Canada lost to the Russians did nobody care.

Well because the Russians succeeded in beating the Canadians "C" team. Corey Perry was the only member from the Gold-Medal winning Olympic team. The players that made up Team Canada were all very young and with the exception of Steven Stamkos, Ryan Smyth and maybe a few others none were even considered by Steve Yzerman when he made The Real Team Canada. 

When the captain of Team Canada is Ryan Smyth you know you are going to have problems. No offense is meant to Smyth but there are 30 Canadians that are way better then him. I fully believe that if Marc Andre Fluery and Sidney Crosby came over to help out Team Canada that they would have beaten Sweden and the Czech Republic for sure and maybe even Russia. 

Russia beat Canada but they had a very good team. Well over half of there Olympic roster came back for the World's. They thrashed everyone because all the players came back for redemption. 

Canada's best players are still playing in the NHL or they were just satisfied from their Olympic triumph. Team Canada is still the team to beat. We wont really be able to show it again until Sochi 2014 when all the best Canadians assemble and take out Team (Choke) Russia, 

The team captained by Sidney Crosby will set into Russia and take home another Gold. Canada is still on top of the Hockey world and that will never change.