Alexander Radulov Suspended by IIHF While Under Investigation

Grant MaddiganContributor IJuly 19, 2008

Alexander Radulov signed with a team from the newly-formed Russian Continental League (KHL). The signing was announced a day after the NHL and the KHL signed an agreement to honor each other's contracts, after attempts by KHL teams to sign Pittsburgh Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin. 

"I told my bosses in Nashville that I wanted to play at home, and some Russian clubs were offering me much better conditions than I had in Nashville," Radulov told the Russian media.

"They said they would call me back but never phoned. It seems that they were either not really interested in me, or just did not believe I could return home. One way or another, I'm happy to come home."

In my opinion, Radulov should not be allowed to play hockey in the NHL again unless he honors the last year of his contract. Just because he is in the KHL, he shouldn't be treated differently for not honoring a contract. If  you're not going to honor it, don't sign it.

The IIHF suspended Radulov while an investigation takes place. While suspended, Radulov cannot compete in any International events—including the Olympics or World Championships.

Besides, other leagues around the world may not even sign him. I mean, why sign someone when they will not honor their contract?

So, if Radulov signs this deal, you won't see him playing outside of Russia.