DeSean Jackson of Philadelphia Eagles: "I'm Not Going to Panic" About Contract

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMay 4, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles standout DeSean Jackson is waiting very patiently for a new contract, but due to a limit in the unresolved expiring collective bargaining agreement, there isn't a thing Jackson can do.

Sure, he and the Eagles could write up a new contract, but that would be foolish for Jackson because it would limit him to only a maximum 30 percent increase in his salary.

In today's day and age, anybody would love to get such a significant raise in their pay, but DeSean was already low-balled when he entered the league since he was a second round draft choice.

In the upcoming 2010 season Jackson is due to make $805,000—$470,000 base salary and $335,000 roster bonus. A 30 percent increase would put him in the ballpark of just over one million dollars.

Not a bad chunk of change for a young kid, but in the NFL, for a player of his caliber, the Eagles will be digging deep when it is time to re-sign him. He knows what he brings to the Eagles offense, and with two more years on his rookie contract, it is smart on his part to wait it out and see what happens with the C.B.A.

Jackson was at the unveiling of plans to honor the Eagles' 1960 championship team today and said:

"I'm not going to panic, I'm not going to sit here and be a crybaby about it. I definitely know what I'm worth."

"It's unfortunate, but you can't get frustrated because it's not going to change until the [union] makes a deal with the NFL. You just have to deal with it and hopefully something will work out."

DeSean wrapped up his statement today by saying:

"Whatever it is, I'd be happy with that. I'm not here to make a big issue out of it or complain about it because that's not what I do. I feel my relationship that I have with the Eagles and the front office is a [good] one and I'm patiently waiting. Hopefully, it will be done sooner than later."

Jackson has his areas to improve on if he wants to get that big payday. He is a very small player at the WR position, 5'10", 175 lbs., and had real trouble breaking free of true cover cornerbacks in 2009.

He ended last year's season with 63 receptions for 1,167 yards (18.5 avg) while notching nine touchdowns. In only his second year in the NFL he earned his first Pro Bowl appearance—as both a wide receiver and punt returner.

DeSean is the first player in NFL history that has been selected to a Pro Bowl to play at multiple positions.

He was also just one 50-plus-yard touchdown away from holding that NFL record for longest play for a TD. DeSean ended the 2009 season with eight plays of 50 yards or more for a TD.

Those are huge bargaining tools for Jackson and his agent Drew Rosenhaus (ugh) when it is time to begin negotiations between the two parties for a new contract.

I said "ugh" in regards to Rosenhaus because every Eagle fan remembers what happened the last time he did a contract negotiation with the team—Terrell Owens ended up doing sit-ups in his driveway as he conducted a press conference.

Let's all hope the end result this time around is a much smoother transaction!

For now, DeSean is saying all the right things to the media. He is showing himself to be a much more mature person than most experts gave him credit for when he entered the league. If he can continue to grow, as a person and a player, I don't think the Eagles will hesitate to pay him proper compensation for his services.

They know what type of dynamic playmaker they have in DeSean "Action" Jackson, and they aren't in a hurry to move him to another team.

Keep the faith, Eagle fans—this one might take a year or so to play out, but Jackson will get his payday. It's all about timing!