Career vs. 17-0 Winning Streak as Shawn Michaels and Taker Go to WM26

lee raydeanCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2010

Shawn Michaels, Mr. Wrestlemania, the show stopper, has finally gotten his wish to face Undertaker at WM26.

It didn't seem likely that he would be in it this year. When at the Slammy awards, Shawn issued Taker a challenge to face him at WM26.

Taker denied him the pleasure of fighting him for the belt. Taker has lost since then. Shawn would have to win the Royal Rumble, but he was eliminated near the end.

Therefore he didn't make it to EC. Michaels did have opportunities to win a match and get into EC which would've put him into WM26 providing he won at EC.

It never happened that way. Shawn kept coming up short. At EC, when Taker was fighting Chris Jericho, the dead man had Jericho in his clutches when he heard a ruckus behind him.

It was Shawn Michaels coming up through the grate under the chamber. Taker turned and to see what was going on and Michaels gave him some Sweet Chin Music.

Jericho seized the opportunity and won the belt. Taker was furious. Shawn had cost him the belt.

Leading up to these events, Shawn was obsessed with going to WM26, and beating the Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all.

He wanted to prove that he can beat him. So he did what he had to do. Now Shawn had the Taker's attention.

As they stood in the ring this past week, you could feel the tension in the air. It was so thick, that you could cut it with a knife.

Taker wasn't going to accept the challenge until Michaels said that the Phenom could get revenge if he did take him up on his challenge.

That seemed to wake up the dead man. It was agreed that they would meet in the ring at WM26. Taker said there was a stipulation. Before this goes through, Shawn had to put his career on the line and he would put his 17-0 winning streak up as well.

Things seem to be getting interesting. We all know that nothing is going to stop the Heart Break Kid from entering WM. This is where he shines the most. This is his stage.

Both the Phenom and Michaels have always been in the WMs. It wouldn't seem right if they weren't in it. You can't count Michaels out. Don't ever doubt what he can do.

So now its career vs winning streak. This may be the match to end all matches. Rumor has it that they are retiring at WM26. How can this be? There has to be a winner. One of these two men need to win.

I have a feeling there is more to this match that meets the eye. Michaels is determined to win at any cost. Taker doesn't want his streak to end.

Who do you think will win? Will this be the Heart Break Kid's last match? What about DX? Is that part of his life over?

These two men are going to bring everything to the table. There will be no stopping either man.

HBK and the Undertaker, two of the greatest wrestlers to have been in the past and future WMs.

Is this going to be the end for one of these men? Who will walk out as the Ultimate Show Stopper?

Shawn and Taker have 30 days before they meet each other in the ring, maybe, for the last time. May the best man win.