Red Wings & Hossa - Great Business Move

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJuly 3, 2008

So I have been thinking about the Marian Hossa deal with Detroit.  It is funny we say players go for the money and not the championship?  Here is a case where the player went for both.  Instant gratification.  Either win it with the Wings now or find another team to try to win it with.  Could be the smartest move we have seen in years from a player.  All, while getting paid a year at a time and at a high rate.

Figure this, Marian Hossa kind of has the upper hand in negotiating his future.  Every player wishes they were in his spot.  He knows there are plenty of suitors for his services.  Why not only sign a one year deal?  I can hear his agent Ritch Winter saying, let's not look at all the teams that want you, lets look at the teams you want to play for.  What teams do you feel have the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup next year?  Can you fit in the system?  Can you play with the current players?  All these questions answered yes by Detroit Red Wings.

Once that is figured out, now you can think salary.  Does this team have the means to pay for what you are looking for?  Maybe, you may have to give a little in a one year contract other than what you would find in a multi year deal. Example.  The Red Wings offered Hossa a two-year deal that wasn't quite what other teams were offering.  So Hossa's camp gave a little and called the Wings and said they would be interested in signing a one-year contract to be able to Win a Cup. 

Detroit and Hossa hope the one-year contract is a win-win deal. The Red Wings will count on him to help them win it all again as he plays for a team that will be favored to hoist its fifth Stanley Cup since 1997 and 12th overall.

There is little risk on Hossa's part.  If it doesn't work out for him next season, he gets paid hefty and he will have the ability to sign a long term deal, if he wants, with an another team next off season.  Or he does exactly what he did yesterday and hone in on the team most likely to win the Cup, give a little, and sign another 1 year deal worth over $7 Million to get your name on hockey's Holy Grail.