Day One Of Free Agency, My Favourite Day Of The Year

Peter BojarinovAnalyst IJuly 1, 2008

This is the time, when teams get a chance to really add a big name, to give themselves a huge boost in the up coming season, to cash in a huge opportunity to give them the big advantage over the other teams.

I was all ready, woke up early, got my seat ready, food, snacks, and my laptop. I was prepard to see all the big names get signed.

I had alot of questions.

Was Mats Sundin really going to go to the Habs and betray my Maple Leafs or come back?

Was Marian Hossa going to really cash in ?

Where would Jaromir Jagr land ? New York again ? Somewhere new ? Back in Russia ?

Then the wildcard, where was Sean Avery going to finally get his big payoff ?

This is the day when all my big questions get answered, I waited and waited and then watched.

First there were a few re-signings, Stuart with Detroit, Perry with Anaheim, and so forth. Then the first big splash Cujo back in TO ? ok, that was interesting. Jeff Finger to Toronto  as well ? Wait, who is he ? It continued...

By the end, all the big named Dmen got signed, Campbell to Chicago, Redden to NYR, and Streit on Long Island. Many lesser know names were signed then there was the best available goaltenders in this years market moved around. Theodore to Washington, and Huet to Chicago.

Many names were signed, but none of the big offensive names. This made this years first day of free agency feel like a big let down. Not only to see where they went, but as well to find out how much. Cause with all these other signings, how do you know if the rest of the crop of free agents were over or underpaid ?

Well we'll all find out, just not in the short term. I guess it's all about the long term contracts.