The Screwing Of Cris Carter

Dakota FoxContributor IFebruary 7, 2010

For the third year now, one of football's greatest stories, Cris Carter, has been passed up for the Hall of Fame. From Buddy Ryan to Mike Tice (I am not counting the dolphins), Carter was one of the best ever to play the game. 

Drafted in the Supplemental Draft in 1987, he signed a contract with the Eagles. In his first year, all of his catches were for first downs or touchdowns. This fact helped coin the phrase "All he does is catch touchdowns". However, He picked up on bad habits which led to his expulsion from the Eagles. Buddy Ryan decided it was better to let him go and the Vikings picked him off the waivers for a price of 100 dollars. He quickly became the greatest free agent pick up ever for the Vikings. After getting his life together, he became the starting receiver for the Vikings. and in 1994, he set the record for most receptions in a season. He went to the Pro Bowl for an remarkable 8 years in a row. He even managed to tutor the talent heap that was Randy Moss. Moss has now become one of the greatest receivers of all time. Along with tutoring, he became a vocal and spiritual leader for the team, but in 2001 decided to call it quits. After a short stint with the Dolphins, he was inducted into the Viking's Ring of Honor in 2003. His career numbers are 1101 receptions, 13899 yards, and 110 touchdowns.

His legacy not only includes the Ring of Honor and the eventual Hall of Fame selection, but NFL Network recognized him as Top 3 player not in the HOF and as having the greatest hands of all time.

So why wouldn't such a great player be chosen to the HOF. Some critics argue that, he was never greatest receiver during his career. Well duh, his entire career he had to compete with Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice ,people, is an anomaly.  At no other position in the NFL, is there a consensus greatest player except for receiver. So this being the case and many of the HOF voters consider Rice the greatest player ever, in no way could they hold that against him. Another argument is that he was only a possession receiver. Everybody reading this article, look back to the picture at the top of the article. That wasn't a random occurrence. Carter did this all the time. Even though he didn't have the speed, he still managed to become a great receiver. Finally, the last argument is that he at time wasn't event the best receiver of his team. Once again duh, during the latter parts of his career the Vikings picked up Randy Moss. Who is now one of the greatest receivers ever. Same thing happened to Rice, after the emergence of Terrell Owens the 49ers were willing to kick Rice to the curb. So when someone actually debunks these theories, the only explanation is that someone has it out for Carter.

I hope maybe next year, he will become a bust in the HOF, but until then lets just be happy with all the moments Carter gave us.