Back To The Future.....Time For a Grey Hound BUS!!!!!

Fred OliverContributor IOctober 7, 2009

CINCINNATI - DECEMBER 09: Steven Jackson #39  of the St. Louis Rams carries the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on December 9, 2007 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati defeated St. Louis 19-10. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

I will admit that I am frustrated, and upset by the performance of our Steelers so far this season.

With Troy Polamalu getting hurt, our defense having fourth quarter collapses, and our running game being inconsistent not getting the much needed 3rd down and 1 or 2 yards is creating ulcers upon ulcers for me.

I miss the Steelers running the ball and beating down on opponents into 4th quarter submission.  There is nothing like seeing the opposing defense get to a point that they back up from the contact pushing our RB's down to the ground instead of making full contact tackles.  To see the opposing teams broken in spirit and play is delicious. 

Lets go back real quick in the 4th quarter in Chicago.  Jerome Bettis Superbowl year.  In the muck of Chicago Soilder Field.  It is the Steelers leading and needing to close this game out.  Jerome Bettis comes in, and runs down and over on the Chicago Bears from the Bears 45 yard line and 4 consecutive runs I believe, with Jerome Bettis going down hill, and on the Touchdown Jerome Bettis is stacked up against Urlacher and 2 more of his defensive buddies and Jerome Bettis takes them all on a Bus ride into the endzone for what ended up the final touch down that ends it all for that day.  Come on don't that just gets you all fired up?  Can't you see the defense on the sideline of the Steelers rested, relaxed and cracking jokes and having FUN!!!!

That brings me to the title of this article.  The time is now to repeat history.  Steven Jackson is there for the plucking.  He is on a sorry Ram's team that is on the decline and restructuring.  He needs a change of scenary like Jerome Bettis did.  The Steelers if they chose too could make this happen before the trade deadline. 

I am sorry but Willie Parker is just not cutting it for me anymore he can't run behind the guards and center.  Mendenhaul does not have a 1st stringer in front of him that he can learn from and have mentor him in the fine art of caving in defenders chests even when the o-line does not a make a hole that should be there.

In a steal, Pittsburgh gave up a fourth-round pick in 1997 and a second-round choice in 1996 for the Rams' third-round pick in '96 and Bettis.  This was exceptional below market value for a RB that endeared himself to Pittsburgh and the Steelers.  He really enveloped what it means to be blue collar and made us proud.  He ran hard for all of us the way we would like to destroy the Brown, and Bengals if we had Bettis skill.

Stephen Jackson has that same abilty to run hard, he breaks tackles always pressing forward toward the goal line.  He has proven how much of a threat he can be when surronded by a cast of players.  The Steelers could benefit from his presence behind Roethlisberger. 

Stephen Jackson's style of running would allow Mendenhaul to come along more quickly seeing a power back of similar speed, size and strength making those tuff yards and making defenders pay for getting in his way.  Mendenhaul would see Stephen Jackson excel in running  the football behind the center and guards, off tackle and sweeps also, but we all know unlike with Willie Parker the bread and butter of the ground game comes from running up the middle when the WHOLE world knows you are coming down hill.  Stacking the line never stopped DA BUS and it should not stop the Stephen Jackson Grey Hound Bus and the Mendenhauler Dump Truck Either!!!

It is time to go back to the future.  Passing the football is pretty.  Running the football is GRITTY and that is what being a Steeler fan is all about doing it the HARD way and succeeding!