Why the Los Angeles Lakers Are Like the San Jose Sharks

Steven BairdCorrespondent IMay 29, 2008

I have been in a writing funk, ignoring emails from certain BR admin dudes, but now I'm back, thanks to KB24.

Here's the deal: I love sports, and I am obsessive about the teams I follow.  When the Sharks lost their epic quadruple-OT game, I was crushed, soooooo crushed, like ice for a cocktail.

Now, I am cubed again, my flow is ice cold, like the cold blood that runs through KB24-MVP.  But I haven't forgot about my Sharks.  Here's my point:

Big Joe is like KB24: oft criticized, yet ready to dominate.  It took KB24 a while before he hit his true stride, and Big Joe's ceiling is frickin' vaulted.  Just wait, its not him, its the role players who will answer the call. He'll be the one calling.  He's Joe F'in Thornton!  

Once apon a time, the Lakers were an obscenely talented team, much like the Sharks, who underachieved until they brought the right coach into the fold. 

This sounds like the next move by a Sharks front office who recognizes the fact that maybe a strategy of dump and follow hockey isn't what the Sharks needed.  Maybe the Sharks just need their own Phil Jackson.  Who might that be though...

So this euphoric feeling makes me so positive that I can't help but already be checking out season ticket packages to the mothaf'in Shark Tank, knowing that winning a championship isn't easy, that it takes time to break through. For the Sharks, that time is now.

I haven't lost faith. I know some have, some people whose name busta-rhymes with Rat-Oh.  Time and time again he/they bring into question the combination and quality of the talent on this lovable Sharks team.

I'm sure next season he/they/me will be extolling the virtues of this same talent.  Ryan Clowe's full season of injury-free excellence, Patty Marleau's and Jon Cheechoo's early re-emergence/40-goal seasons, and of course, the man Evgeni Nabakov going back-to-back for the Vezina trophy. Oh, obviously, Big Joe's next MVP award.

And most importantly Lord Stanley's Cup. The sweet, sweet Cup.

In my heart, I know the Sharks are getting their own P-Jax.

Titles will be won.

Much like Doug Wilson, and some Hall of Fame/logo GM's in other sports, he knows recognizing talent is where the game starts.  And he knows, much like P-Jax and the next Sharks coach, maximizing that talent is where it ends.  In championships.

Diamond crusted hardware. Precision engraved as well.

Who wants to go in on some Sharks season tix? (seriously, hit me up)

'Cause they are still my favorite for next season. And I want first crack to watch them win the Cup on home ice.  Which they will.

I'll be the guy in the Shark Tank wearing the Lakers gear, cheering like hell for next year's Stanley Cup Champions...the San Jose Sharks.

Oh, by the way, screw all you doubters, you all probably hate Kobe too. And just like the Lakers beat the Spurs, the Sharks will beat the 'Wings next year!

Being a fan rules. Writing about it is even better.

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