Why Do Former Washington Redskins Hate Clinton Portis?

Jarrett CarterAnalyst ISeptember 2, 2009

Is it because he’s productive? Is it because he’s willing to open his mouth and give an opinion? Maybe it’s a combination of both that makes John Riggins the latest Washington football legend to criticize current star running back Clinton Portis.

It was one thing when it was Brian Mitchell; his entire career has been built on running his mouth, and fortunately, it paid off for him occasionally.

But Riggins? A man more locally renowned for public drunkenness and being a fruitcake than the solid numbers he put up in the Washington backfield? Does he really have any room to criticize the way someone handles their on-the-field affairs?

Old people hate young people they aren’t related to, particularly young people willing to have an opinion on anything. Old people get the benefit of respect and reverence. Youth are cursed with inexperience and disdain from those who should be mentoring them instead of criticizing them.

For Portis, who is far richer and far more nationally relevant than Mitchell or Riggins could ever hope to be, it’s just a question of realizing the root of the misplaced hate.  If Art Monk or Darrell Green had something bad to say, then CP might have something to worry about.

But for two of the former playing trying everything in their power to be more than whispers in the minds of Washington fans, there’s really nothing for Clinton Portis to do but admire their fight at staying relevant.