Michael Vick's Future In Football

Michael GrassContributor IAugust 24, 2009

The future is now.  That is what the Philadelphia Eagles thought on August 14th when they signed Michael Vick to a 2 year contract worth a potential 9.8 million if the 2nd year is picked up and Michael reaches the incentives in the contract.

            The Eagles are taking a bit of a risk with this move.  They already have one of the league’s best quarterbacks in Donovan McNabb and the last time they brought in a big offensive star it did not work out so well if everyone remembers the Terrell Owens signing.   I believe Michael Vick’s future can be bright, but I am not sure it will be with the Eagles.

            The Eagles signed him, not to be the starter, but as a gimmick kind of player.  They intend to use him the way the Miami Dolphins used Ronnie Brown last year in their offense, they called it the “wildcat” offense, and I am sure the Eagles will have some success in running their own version this season.   To be an occasional player with the Eagles, and maybe even in as a decoy on some plays, I do not believe Michael will be the happiest of players in that system.   The Eagles have 2 young, very fast receivers in Desean Jackson and Jeremy Macklin as well as one of the top running backs in Brian Westbrook and a potential star in draft pick Lesean McCoy.   Without Vick, the Eagles already can be very explosive, so with all those options Mike may not see a great deal of playing time and to reiterate I do not see his future with the Eagles as being bright or long.

            So where do I see Michael Vick playing in the future?  Well when Michael was the quarterback in Atlanta, he was one of the most exciting players in football.  He was the best in the league at scrambling and making the most of a play that looked like a sure loss.  As a passer he was average at best, and never completed more than 56.4% of his passes.  I do not think he will ever make people forget Brady, Manning or Brees, but in the right system he could be a very efficient passer and with his running abilities keep the defense off balance.

            Michael’s biggest weakness, evident by the reason he was in prison in the first place is maturity and thinking he is above it all.  I think Mike’s future would be brightest for a team that has a coach with a strong personality, a team that can be on the rise and might just need Mike’s talents to put them over the top.  So where do I see him ending up?   Well he is going to play this season for the Eagles, unless he does something real dumb, and gets released, and if that happens I think his days in the NFL would be over.   So Mike plays effectively when given the chance this year, and proves himself as a player again, I see the Eagles not picking up the option on him, and trading him to the San Francisco 49ers.   The 49ers have a QB named Shaun Hill, a back-up named Alex Smith who has been a flop since drafted.  I see the 49ers  struggling this season, see Vick’s abilities especially when they play one another on December 20th when they play in Philly and the 49ers have the kind of coach in Mike Singletary who is the type of no nonsense coach Vick needs.

            In conclusion, I think Mike has a bright future in this league, but maybe not with the Eagles.  He has been out of the league for 2 years, so avoided all those nagging injuries most players have had, and by the end of the year I see him being the Mike Vick everyone fell in love with when he was in Atlanta.  So Philly will see they don’t need him as much as they could use future picks or future stars and trade him off next off season.