Future NFL Hall Of Famers

Michael GrassContributor IAugust 22, 2009

Every year the football seasons end in February, with the playing of the Super Bowl.  The game is always played on a Sunday, but to lot of former players, the most important day is Saturday.  This is the day when the Hall of Fame, in Canton, Ohio announces which players will be going into the Hall next season.


          The Hall of Fame is every NFL player’s goal and as of now there are 253 former players in the Hall.   Playing in the NFL now, are many great players but which ones will be make it into the Hall?   To make it into the Hall, you must be retired for 5 years.  So there will be much debate in the coming years as to who will make it, but these players I see as locks to receive their mustard yellow jackets in the future.


The Quarterbacks

          This is one of the top positions in the Hall, and in a short amount of time a few more will be added to the list of QB’s.  Topping that list is Tom Brady, the QB of the Patriots.  He has won 3 Super Bowls, and been the MVP of 2 of them.   Peyton Manning is another QB who no doubt will have his ticket punched to Canton when he retires.  Another no doubter when he finally decides to retire is Brett Farve, he has set countless passing records and is more than worthy of having his day in Canton.   There are a few other quarterbacks who with a little more work will also be inducted.  They are Kurt Warner, Ben Roethlisberger and Donovan McNabb.


The Running Backs

          The list current running backs that will make it into the Hall of Fame are star studded.  First in line should be Ladainian Tomlinson, he has spent his entire career with the San Diego Chargers, amassed nearly 12,000 yards in his career to date, and by the time he retires he will be in the top 10 of rushers in NFL history.  These stats alone will ensure his induction to the Hall.  A 2nd running back who should make it to the Hall is Adrian Peterson, he has only been in the league for 2 years, but has averaged over 1,500 yards per season and over 5 yards per carry.  As long as he avoids any kind of career ending injury I believe his place in the Hall is secure.   There are a couple of other backs, who could also make it to the Hall.  They are Brian Westbrook and Larry Johnson.


The Wide Receivers

          The league right now has many good         WR’s and they all seem to be of the same physical build, but there are just a couple of are above the rest.  A sure Hall of Famer when he retires is Randy Moss of the Patriots.  He started his career with the Minnesota Vikings and was great with them, but when he and Brady hooked up in New England he went to another level.  In 2007 he set an NFL record with 23 touchdown receptions.   Another player who seems destined for Canton is Larry Fitzgerald he plays for the Arizona Cardinals.  Fitzgerald has played for 5 seasons and averaged over 86 catches and 1,200 yards per season.  A 3rd receiver who will make it to the Hall when he retires is Marvin Harrison.   He played for the Colts for 13 seasons, and as of right now is not playing for any team, but when he was in his prime the Manning to Harrsion connection set records for the most prolific QB to WR combo in NFL history with 86 touchdowns.


The Defenders

          The league also has some tremendous defensive players.  They vary in size and position, but here are 3 sure Hall of Famers when they decide to retire.   The first is a defensive lineman who has played the majority of his career in Miami.   Jason Taylor in his career has amassed over 120 sacks and set a team record with 130 games played in succession for the Dolphins.  As a defensive lineman these are incredible statistics.  The other 2 players who will no doubt make it to Canton play for the Baltimore Ravens.  They are linebacker Ray Lewis and safety Ed Reed.  The Ravens have had an incredible defense for years now and they are both a huge part.  Reed has intercepted 43 passes in 6 seasons as a safety, and is a huge reason why Baltimore’s defense ranks high in terms of pass defense.   Why they rank high in run defense is the presence of Ray Lewis as a LB, his presence alone is enough to intimidate the other team.  Ray has been one of the top tacklers on the Ravens every year he has played and the day he retires Canton will start creating his bust as well.


          Now none of the names above are guaranteed a spot in the Hall, but if they all retired today, I am sure a majority of them would be on the stage in Canton.