Get Off Brock Lesnar's Back and Get On Board

Ryan Tice@@RyanTiceContributor IJuly 14, 2009

LAS VEGAS - JULY 11:  Brock Lesnar reacts after knocking out Frank Mir during their heavyweight title bout during UFC 100 on July 11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

This is ludicrous that there is a backlash against Brock Lesnar and his actions following his victory at UFC 100. Lesnar, who was pretty heavily favored in Vegas, stormed out of the gate and got revenge on Frank Mir.

Mir had previously beaten Lesnar, a former NCAA Champion and WWE entertainer, 17 months ago at UFC 81. Mir was battered by Lesnar in the first matchup but Lesnar was caught by a knee bar from the far more experienced Mir and tapped 1:30 into the first round.

Leading up to the rematch, Mir and Lesnar exchanged trash talk through various media outlets. It seemed like a pretty genuine rivalry leading up to the unifying heavyweight championship bout and both sides wanted to expose the other as a pretender.

Mir attacked Lesnar's legitimacy and the former WWE wrestler's place in martial arts. Lesnar vowed to smash Mir's face in again but not make the same mistakes that occured in his UFC debut.

Lesnar delivered. Plain and simple. Lesnar made a statement by making quick work of such a seasoned and respected jui-jitsu expert. He showed, despite only a 4-1 record, that he was the class of the UFC heavyweight division. Maybe class isn't the right word.

After Lesnar took Mir down and pounded him with his 6-2, 265-pound "lunchboxes" (according to Joe Rogan), the fight was called at 1:48. Mir was not on the same planet as the rest of us (population: Mir and Michael Bisping) but Lesnar got up and taunted the fallen warrior, drawing boos from the sold out Las Vegas crowd. The same Las Vegas that Mir calls home?

Brock Lesnar was intended to play the role of a heel in this match-up. I hate to draw the comparison to fake wrestling (where Lesnar's name recognition comes from) but Lesnar, a trained actor/preformer that is just happens to be a freak of nature athlete, playing a bad guy was done on purpose.

That is why the 4-1 heavyweight vs. Mir, a 30-year old who moonlights (and does a solid job) as the WEC version of Joe Rogan, was the main event over GSP vs. Alves. Lesnar had name recognition and knew how to play a bad guy, thanks to WWE, and the build-up could make much more hoopula for the legendary event than GSP destorying Alves (two guys who respect each other and didn't really talk).

Mir, the underdog and big talker, was given the biggest fight of his life in front of his hometown. Lesnar admitted afterwards that he had no problem playing the bad guy. And he's a much more experienced "acting heel (WWE talk for bad guy)" than he his an MMA fighter (although his game is quickly evolving and I predict a long reign for the champ).

So after Lesnar knocked out the guy that ruined his UFCdebut 17 months ago and has been talking trash nonstop since, I turned to my friends and said, "this should be good."

Anyone with a combat sport athletic background or that takes sports seriously and has competed in a one-on-one battle (former D1 college wrestler here) would have to be excited following that win.

Plus, it established Lesnar as the next big thing in MMA (wasn't that his one time catchphrase in WWE?) and a win like that will change your life. And after he wins, he is getting booed?

MMA fighters always say after an early knockout you have a ton of extra energy left over so I knew Lesnar would do something. And fans should be happy he only looked into the camera like a maniac, slobber dripping from his mouth, talked some more shit to Mir (totally fine, he still probably hasn't shut his month and deserved it after taunting Lesnar for the past 17 months), and flipped off the crowd.

This man could take down a swat team by himself and we're crying over him being a little over excited and flipping off everyone that is booing him? Let's be real. This man used to be an entertainer and has been trained to play to crowds.

Now, he is a legitimate athlete but playing to the crowd is probably still his instinct. And I wouldn't mind flipping the crowd off, either, if I won the biggest fight in UFC history and was being booed.

As far as him comments, I thought it was funny. The only paper who complained about his comments aren't (in most cases) actual MMA fans, they are the older crowd that tuned in for the landmark event for whatever reason.

Mir was surprisingly humbled in his post fight comments while Lesnar swung for the fences. He said there was a horseshoe somewhere inside of Mir and that he just removed it and knocked Mir silly with it. Not a far stretch of the truth.

Then, Lesnar trashed one of the UFC's main sponsors. Bud Light is a huge UFC sponsor, when they came aboard, there was a monster press conference and ever since, they have been highly evident inside of the octagon. That was a mistake and Dana White had every right to be mad about that, but that is it.

Preferring Coors Light over Bud Light (Even when true that coors is better) is not a crime but announcing it to a sold-out Mandalay Bay on one of the biggest pay-per-view events ever, especially at a Bud Light-sponsored event, is not a good business move. Dana White will deal with it, the dude is a, "f***ing" genius (had to use his vocabulary there. Sorry, Mom).

Lesnar then just commented about his plans with Sable's later that night. Who cares? It was hilarious and who can't say you're not jealous (hint: reason given for a pic of Sable). Besides, five star treatment from the former WWF goddess was well-deserved after that fight that Brock put on.

So, everyone get yours jocks out of a wrinkle. Brock did what he was brought in to do and that was make UFC 100 one of the biggest events in pay-per-view history, over 1.5 million buys, and a fight for the ages.

Much like everything else that Lesnar does in life (the short journey from U. of Minnesota to WWF/WWE to an NFL training camp to K-1 to being thrust into the UFC spotlight), he just did it in his own way. Now get on board of the Lesnar wagon because it's upon us and it's here for a long time. Just don't make Mir's mistake and stand in front of it.