Wild's Charlie Coyle Reportedly Played Through 2 Separated Shoulders in Playoffs

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2014

Getty Images

When the Stanley Cup is on the line, hockey players don't let any injuries keep them from playing.

Minnesota Wild center Charlie Coyle is the perfect example of just how tough hockey players are. At this point in the season, pain is irrelevant—because it's the Cup.

The Wild played in 13 games this postseason before being eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday. During the team's playoff run, Coyle tallied three goals and four assists. 

His numbers may have been solid, but the 22-year-old was playing through some major pain in the playoffs, according to the Star Tribune's Michael Russo:

Charlie Coyle was playing with both a separated left shoulder and right shoulder, sources say. It was very noticeable to me in Chicago that he was playing hurt in Game 5, and last night, it was very apparent he was having trouble catching passes and stick-handling.

A few times, he went to the bench and grimaced visibly, so much so that I mentioned it on Twitter. Says everything about the talented kid, don't you think?

Several other Wild players battled injuries during the postseason, but Coyle deserves special recognition for playing through his injuries. 

Coyle averaged nearly 18 minutes per game during the playoffs. He spent 21 minutes and 29 seconds over 31 shifts on the ice during the team's final game, both of which were the most he had in the 2013-14 playoffs.

Hockey players will play through injuries during the regular season, but it's nearly impossible to take them off the ice when it comes time to chase the Stanley Cup.

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