David T.Correspondent IJune 22, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 30:  Brandon Marshall #15 of the Denver Broncos is tackled by Cody Spencer #53 of the New York Jets on November 30, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Broncos defeated the Jets 34-17.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

     Obviously we are all aware of the ongoing fiasco in the great city of Denver, CO. 1st the fans had to sweat out the Cutler trade. We all have a few less hairs on our heads over that one. Then, when we had a semblance of normalcy and adjusted to the idea of Kyle Orton running the offense, another wrench was thrown in. Two, actually, if you counted the possibility of Casey Weigmann retiring if he didn't get more money. He showed up at practices, stayed busy, kept his mouth shut and carried himself like a professional while his agent went to work. As we all know, he is still a Bronco.

     Then there is Brandon Marshall.... Awww, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. The saga continues. I know that many of you feel he is underpaid and at the moment, under-appreciated. I assure you, he is wanted in Denver. Not just by myself, but by the staff as well. But you need to ask yourself the one lingering question which in turn will also give you the answer, "why is he not making more money?" Here we have an extremely gifted wide receiver who makes any corner back nervous, especially after the catch. A wide receiver who demands double coverage. A man who deserves to be paid his worth...

     And there lies the dilemma. A talent to be sure, but also a young man who can't seem to get his domestic house in order. He states he is trying, but only time will tell. Brandon, like Casey, wants more money. Brandon, unlike Casey, has no leverage to ask for it, at least not all at once. He wants more money knowing that he may face another suspension should the upcoming case with Watley turn south. True, it sounds like from all reports that he has the upper-hand in the case, but as we all know, we are not the courts and stranger things have been known to happen.

     He is also coming off of hip surgery and the Broncos have no knowledge if he will have lingering affects? True, there was some neglect by Denver's medical staff and we are not blind to that in regards to making Brandon pay for someone else's misdiagnoses.

     However, here are the facts. He is not 100% sure of not being suspended, not 100% sure that his hip will be ready, not 100% sure that he has put his domestic troubles behind him. Should he get his raise? Yes and no. Yes, in that he is grossly underpaid and no, that he needs to have conditions added to his deal. Give him a raise this year under the condition that he doesn't get suspended, get in any more trouble and that his hip doesn't prevent him from performing at 100%.

     Should he break a condition then he is subject to forfeit a portion of his pay. Simple. At the end of the season, when and if Denver is no longer a contender for the Super Bowl, then renegotiate his contract and give him the money that he proved he deserves.

     I do not believe that he should have as a part of his condition, however, yardage or X amount of catches as none of us are sure what type of offense McDaniels will run? No knowledge as to how many passes will go to who? No knowledge as to how much they will utilize their running backs and tight ends? From everything we have read, McDaniels is going to use Moreno as a 3 down back. Sounds to me like they will use the run to set up the pass.

     When Cutler played for Denver, he was fixated on Marshall. So much in fact, that he threw many incomplete passes and interceptions. Marshall dropped a lot (which he said was from the numbing sensation in his hand and arm). McDaniels will run a more balanced offense. Marshall's numbers will in all likelihood, drop. We understand that. Make the plays when your number is called. But what is most important is that he is there to play. He needs to stop holding out like he did from practices. True, he couldn't practice but he could have had his nose in the playbook. He could have followed Casey's example and acted more professional. Instead, he was a no-show and is only hurting himself when it comes time to shine or not. Counter productive.

     Will he be there? Will he continue to hold out and be a no-show? Will Bowlen and Xanders give in or will they offer a contract with numerous clauses? Well, that's another story "to be continued."