Daniel Alfredsson Didn't Need Any Help Finding Teeth Knocked from His Mouth

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Every job comes with its own set of interesting hazards. For NHL hockey players, there is always the very real possibility that a portion of your night will be spent looking for your teeth. 

The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas spotted this video from Tuesday's game between the Red Wings and Devils, which New Jersey won 4-3. 

But this isn't about the bad news. No, there was a great deal of fabulous news from this clash of NHL teams, namely Detroit's Daniel Alfredsson finding his teeth. 

Put those chompers under your pillow, young man. I heard kids these days are getting absurd piles of cash for teeth. Tooth Fairy fees, like gas prices, are always on the rise. 

Sadly, if you happen to be Jeff Goldblum from the movie The Fly or a professional hockey player, teeth are going to sort of pop out every once in a while (obligatory NSFW Brundefly reference video).

The moment comes with two minutes and 58 seconds left in the second period. Alfredsson can be seen bent over, dealing with an apparent injury. 

We presume he was doing the mouth check that comes after a hard knock to the face where you count the number of teeth with your tongue. 

Fortunately, the teeth were spotted rather easily despite the backdrop of white on the ground. Now the sudden loss of teeth wouldn't normally deter a professional from the task at hand. 

Still, coach Mike Babcock did feel the need to inform The Detroit Free Press' Carlos Monarrez that Alfredsson would be ready for Thursday's clash with the Colorado Avalanche: "He's missing lots of teeth, but he was here. So I think he'll go."

There doesn't seem to be any word from Alfredsson on his injury or the number of teeth sacrificed from the knock to the face. 

Some might consider a mouthguard superfluous considering the loss of teeth. Well, Alfredsson's remaining chompers are now a rare breed, important teeth that have to be coddled and nurtured. 

We like to think he would do well to invest in a mouthguard from here on out. That goes double for the rest of you NHL players with a full grill. 

Maybe it wouldn't prevent similar instances, but it might make looking for teeth a bit easier. 

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