Derrick Rose Fills Out Report Card for 8-Year-Old Fan, Gives Himself A's

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterNovember 22, 2013

Image via @CJZero

If there were any post-ACL injury questions left about Derrick Rose’s confidence, those quandaries have been answered.

The answer presented itself during Thursday night’s matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Denver Nuggets, and it came in the form of a simple report card authored by an eight-year-old.

During a break in the action, TNT showed viewers the image of a handwritten report card sent to the Bulls point guard. The card was made by eight-year-old Bulls fan Skye Vaughn, who asked Rose to fill out a self-evaluation, grading various aspects of his game and personal health.

CJ Fogler tweeted a screencap of the Derrick Rose report card (h/t Sean Highkin of For The Win), and sources maintain that it was 100 percent the most precious thing you’ll see during an NBA broadcast this week.

Vaughn’s report asked Rose to grade himself on a number of criteria, including personal health, jump shot and team moral, among other facets. His answers?

Straight A’s—all across the board.

Yep, Rose is feeling frisky—and why shouldn’t he? The Bulls’ record stands at a decent 6-4, and his 19-point outing Thursday against Denver (albeit in a losing effort) was his second-highest scoring effort of the young season.

Vaughn should also be feeling good about herself. For something written in at least four different kinds of magic marker, her questionnaire is incredibly thorough.

This young fan included “passing” and left off “dunking” in her report card, which is an admirably savvy move for someone whose age has yet to hit double digits. Also, she receives high marks for including “quick moves”—a crucial facet of Rose’s game.

Well done, young Skye. Keep honing that keen eye for the game. Who knows? Maybe an NBA scouting position is in her future.


The world would be a better place if all legal documents had to be signed in magic marker or crayon.