Casey at the Wonder Wall: News and Views

Paul McGuillicuddyAnalyst IApril 15, 2008

Starbucks owner, Howard Schultz, made headlines today by bringing forth a lawsuit to stop the move of the Sonics from Seattle to Oklahoma City. Schultz’s lawyer, Richard Yarmuth, contends that the former Sonic owner had an agreement with the current ownership that they would make a good-faith effort to keep the franchise in Seattle.

Casey is wondering - why now? Supposedly Schultz has e-mails that support his stance. Did he just re-discover those documents. Or did he misremember that he had them? Or is this a public relations attempt? Why did Schultz sell the team in the first place if he wanted hoops in the Pacific Northwest? 

The Tribe placed closer, Joe Borowski, on the DL today. Just wondering - How do you think Borowski was tossing in the pen. Considering his heat topped out in the mid 80’s don’t you think they could have figured he was injured BEFORE they fed him to lions?

The Ottawa Senators have held Sid ‘The Kid’ without any goals through three games. Only problem - the Sens trail the Pens 3-0. Is it time to change the strategy?

NFL Draftpalooza is right around the corner. After Brady Quinn’s misfortune last year, how many potential first round picks will choose to view the draft from the comfort of their crib?

Of all the players in the NBA who have NOT played on a chan’ship team, are there any more deserving than Grant Hill?

With Orlando’s spot in the playoffs secured how many minutes will JJ Redick get against Atlanta tonight?

Will Clay Bucholz EVER shake off Jason Varitek again?

It’s 8pm do you know where your next B-12 dosage is coming from?