This GIF of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler Broing Out at Wimbledon is Amazing

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 8, 2013

Image via ESPN
Image via ESPN

Wimbledon is over, but it leaves behind some great memories for fans to feast upon—the break-point battles, the ending of a 77-year-old drought and, lest we forget, another sports “broment” for the ages.

Reaction shots during the men’s final match at Wimbledon were about as rowdy and interesting as they get. The entire stadium—the entire United Kingdom—seemed poised for a celebratory meltdown as Andy Murray marched closer towards winning Britain its first Grand Slam at Wimbledon since 1936. 

Murray’s girlfriend and family swooned and celebrated every volley, but there were two other souls on Centre Court who were living and dying with each point Sunday.

One was American actor Bradley Cooper. The other was Scottish film star Gerard Butler—and their reactions were spun into a GIF of bro-tastic glory, which was spotted by Sean Newell of Deadspin.

Cooper is reacting in the only way an American bro can: fists-up-hell-yes style. Gerard, on the other hand, is making a “fajita” face—that is, he looks like he’s been waiting at Chili’s for 45 minutes and a server just walked by with a sizzling skillet of goodness. 

“Whoa...that’s so...Sparta.” 

So where does this rank in the Sports Broment Hall of Fame? Is it more bro-centric than the Mariners foul ball chug? 

Or does it deserve a seat on Mount Brolympus aside the fabled Laker Bros?

One has star power (and suits that probably cost your mortgage), the other has that majestic sunglass-whip that does nothing besides make your heart soar. Cooper and Butler had the necessary equipment, they just didn’t put them to work.

Either way, the moment has been carved into tennis history. A footnote, to be sure, but proof of a fast-developing fact we’re all going to have to accept:

Wherever sports greatness goes, there will be bros.


There will be blood—er, bros.