San Jose Sportscasters Stay Classy by Mocking the Canucks' Green Men

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Sick burn, bros.

The green men of the Vancouver Canucks are everyone’s favorite super fanshands down. Even if you don’t cheer for the team, or even care about hockey in general, you can appreciate the cheeky antics these two guys pull off by the penalty box at Rogers Arena—unless you’re Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn, apparently.

During a break in the action of Wednesday night’s playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the Vancouver Canucks, the two San Jose sportscasters were strangely eager to go after Force and Sully, referring to the eccentric duo in the green body suits as “The two 40-year-old virgins.”

Remenda and Hahn continued with this line of commentary, ruminating on the green men and making assumptions about their lifestyle—joking that they live in their mother’s basements and collect snow globes, because once you start trash-talking fans on live television, you have to break out all the zingers.

Now, a little ribbing is fine, but the banter didn’t stop even once play started again. Furthermore, while no one knows much about the true identities of Force and Sully, it has been discovered that these two “40-year-old virgins” are journalism students at BCIT. 

You can be 40 and a student, but in all likelihood, the green men are just two 20-somethings who go to great lengths to cheer on their team. As it happens, one them (probably Sully) flew into Vancouver just to see the game Wednesday night. 

The green men will be fine, I’m sure. Trolling is what they do, and just knowing their presence alone provoked their opponent’s sportscasters is a victory for them. It’s not like it’s their fault there aren’t any Sharks super fans to discuss.


Picture me trolling: Dr__Carson

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