Avalanche vs. Flames Game Pauses Just Long Enough for Epic Hockey Fight

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Fans enjoying their Flames beat the Avalanche on Wednesday night were treated to what might be the hockey fight of the year. 

Not bad for the price of admission. 

Busted Coverage spotted this fracas between the Colorado Avalanche's Patrick Bordeleau and Brian McGrattan of the Calgary Flames. They contend it's the scrap of the year, and SportsGrid tends to agree. 

Both players size each other up and then enter into an all-out war, featuring flying fists and a brief embrace from exhaustion. 

Yup, I will go ahead and call this thing the fight to end all fights this season. Neither player goes to the trouble of trying to defend any of the incessant bombs. 

They just offer up their faces as if they were boxing speed bags and they are absolutely happy to oblige their sparring partner. 

Even the announcer goes from regular play-by-play broadcaster to sounding more like a frantic auctioneer as he tries to bring you the latest from this impromptu boxing match. 

Honestly, I can't tell who won this one. Both players seem to get quite a few great shots in. If I am pressed, it seemed like McGrattan's landed a little cleaner. 

I say we get these guys some gloves and let them finish this thing. 

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