Boston Bruins: The First Annual BAKY Awards

Matt BakerCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2008

The First Annual BAKY Awards

So with just five calendar days left in the regular season, and no game until Wednesday, I felt it was time to hand out a few regular season "Baky" (bay-kee) awards for the Bruins. I will touch on a few different categories, and try to make these as interesting as possible. I won’t have a game to write about until Wednesday night after the Bruins visit New Jersey, so I felt this was a good chance to announce my awards. I know you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats all season, so without further ado..

The BAKY goes to: P.J. Axelsson, LW

P.J. Axelsson has played in 72 regular season games this year, and somehow, someway, has only served 15 penalty minutes. How does this happen? I mean, there has to be at least two or three times a game when you trip, slash or elbow somebody by accident, let alone all the times you purposely slash someone for mouthing off at you. And he has only been caught 8 times? This is simply amazing considering all the terrible officiating taking place in the NHL.

The BAKY goes to: David Krejci, C

David Krejci is a spitting image of John Heder.

The BAKY goes to: March 3rd - Capitals 10, Bruins 2

Not since D2: The Mighty Ducks have I seen a goalie be pulled, then return to the game later on. Now if Alex Auld had knocked Gunner Staal and Alexander Ovechkin on their asses before a face-off, he would have an excuse. But he didn’t, and he doesn’t. Auld replaced Thomas half way through the first after Thomas gave up 4 goals in 10 minutes. Thomas then replaced Auld and started the second period. Ovechkin scored a hat-trick in fifteen minutes, and the Capitals scored six times in the first period. I like to pretend this game never happened.

The BAKY goes to: March 8th vs. The Capitals (2-1 Win)

Just five days after the Caps ruined the B’s 10-2, the Bruins made sure it was known early they would not let anything like that happen again. Just four seconds into the game, Milan Lucic dropped the gloves and handed a beating to Matt Bradley. Ten seconds later, Shawn Thornton took it to Donald Brashear. The Bruins found themselves down 1-0 late in the third period, but scored two Power Play goals in the final five minutes to earn a hard fought 2-1 victory.

In 77 games so far, Sturm has scored 27 goals and added 29 assists to total 56 points. His 27 goals is best on the team, and his point total is second only to Marc Savard. Sturm has been a very consistent player for the Bruins this year, playing on the first line all season and also contributing regularly on the Power Play and Penalty Kill. He has scored 10 power play goals, and 5 game winning goals, both of which lead the team. He is arguably one of the fastest skaters on the team, and also isn’t afraid to play physical when need be. Sturm brings his intensity and passion for the game to the ice with him every night, and it seems to rub off on many of his teammates. Sturm is the type of player that coaches want on their team, and players want on their line. The fans in Boston have taken a liking to Sturm ever since he came here in 2005 in the Joe Thornton trade, and he has emerged as a fan favorite. Sturm is a very exciting player to watch, and will hopefully continue his strong play as the Bruins make their final push towards the playoffs.