20 Shooters NHL Goaltenders Don't Want to Face in the Shootout

Tom Urtz Jr.Contributor IFebruary 21, 2013

20 Shooters NHL Goaltenders Don't Want to Face in the Shootout

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    The NHL introduced the shootout after the 2004-05 lockout as a way to get fans enticed back into the game, and since that point it has become an important part in deciding standings.

    There are certain shooters like Pavel Datsyuk, Zach Parise and Frans Nielsen that goaltenders are afraid of because of their all-time great numbers.

    There are others who also have solid shooting percentages given their experience, and that makes them a threat during the shootout.

    With the winner of the shootout picking up an extra point for their team, here are shooters that NHL goaltenders don't want to face in the shootout.

Frans Nielsen

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    Frans Nielsen is one of the deadliest snipers in the shootout with a total of 24 goals in 39 career attempts (61.5 percent), and he has some nifty moves.

    Nielsen is an underrated center, but during the shootout he gets the recognition he deserves.

Zach Parise

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    The Minnesota Wild's alternate captain is considered an expert when it comes to shootouts. He has a lot of tools that make him a clutch shootout participant, but he often relies on this go-to move.

    Parise scores many goals by using a back-and-forth deke that has allowed him to score 31 shootout career goals (47 percent) up to this point in his career.

Radim Vrbata

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    Radim Vrbata is third all-time with 30 career shootout goals in 66 career attempts. This puts Vrbata at 45.5 percent lifetime, and that makes him a very lethal shooter in the "skills competition."

    With moves like this, it is no surprise that Vrbata has been this successful.

Jussi Jokinen

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    Jussi Jokinen is one of the NHL's most famous shootout-shooters, because this goal has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube.

    Jokinen and his "sweet and silky moves" have enabled him to score 30 career shootout goals, with a career conversion rate of 45.5 percent.

Brad Boyes

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    Brad Boyes is a member of the New York Islanders and he is a part of a very successful shootout unit.

    Throughout his career Boyes has excelled in this part of the game; he has a career conversion rate of 45.3 percent with 29 career goals.

Rick Nash

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    Rick Nash is one of the NHL's top shootout snipers, and moves like this enable him to school goaltenders with ease.

    Nash is currently seventh in total shootout goals with 27, and he has converted on 39.1 percent of all shootout attempts in his career to date.

Mike Ribeiro

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    Mike Ribeiro has only scored on 38.2 percent of his career shootout attempts, but that is still good enough for 18th all-time. 

    Ribeiro is a magnificent puck-handler and deker, so it is no surprise that he has scored 21 career shootout goals.

Mikko Koivu

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    The Minnesota Wild captain is currently one of the best career shootout-shooters in the history of the NHL.

    Koivu's career conversion rate is 41.8 percent, and that is good enough for 28 career goals in the second frame of overtime.

Patrick Kane

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    Patrick Kane has scored 25 goals in 60 attempts to date (41.7 percent), and he emerged as one of the top shootout specialists last season because of this infamous move.

    Kane has amazing control, patience and aim, so goaltenders always take a deep breath before they prepare for him.

Sidney Crosby

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    In 53 career attempts, Sidney Crosby has scored 22 goals, and that is good enough for a 41.3 percent conversion rate.

    "Sid the Kid" has some of the slickest hands in the NHL, and his patience and amazing puck control allow him to pull of filthy moves like this on a regular basis.

Pavel Datsyuk

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    Pavel Datsyuk is a wizard when it comes to the shootout because of his deadly offensive instincts and amazing hands.

    Datsyuk has amazing creativity and vision that really give him a competitive advantage in this setting.

    He is tied with Zach Parise for the most career shootout goals with 31, and he may just hold this record one day.

Wojtek Wolski

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    Wojtek Wolski made a name for himself as a shootout king with the Colorado Avalanche, and those skills have followed him around the league.

    Wolski is a career conversion rate of 43.1 percent (25 goals), a number that puts him ninth on the all-time shootout list.

Brad Richards

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    Brad Richards is one of the NHL's most successful shootout participants, and he has an all-time conversion rate of 37.1 percent, good enough for eighth all-time in career goals with 26.

    Richards is a creative center with solid hands, and he has scored 11 game-deciding goals during the skills competition.

Jonathan Toews

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    Jonathan Toews has scored 24 goals during his career of participating in shootouts, and this is an area that has always been a strength of his game. 

    Toews has amazing patience, which allows him to out wait goaltenders as he picks the perfect spot to shoot.

Ilya Kovalchuk

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    Ilya Kovalchuk has always excelled in the shootout, and he has scored 23 goals, or on 39 percent of his career chances.

    Kovalchuk has one of the quickest and hardest shots in the NHL today, but he also has some great dekes in his arsenal.

Joe Pavelski

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    Joe Pavelski is a young forward with the San Jose Sharks who found his niche with the team as a key shootout participant.

    Pavelski has scored on 41.8 percent of his attempts to date, and he is 14th all-time in career shootout goals.

Anze Kopitar

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    Anze Kopitar is a skilled center with the Los Angeles Kings who thrives in the shootout. Throughout his career he has been a proficient shootout participant, and he has converted on 37.7 percent of his career attempts.

    This goal was a work of art, and it is something Kopitar can replicate when needed.

Matt Hendricks

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    Matt Hendricks does not have as many shootout attempts as some of the other shooters listed, but he has some of the slickest moves in his arsenal.

    Hendricks has some slick hands for a bottom-six grinder, and this move against Tim Thomas became an instant YouTube sensation.

Claude Giroux

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    Claude Giroux has converted on 10 of 27 shootout attempts to date, but many of his goals have been extremely memorable.

    Giroux's move against the Toronto Maple Leafs was a thing of beauty, and one wonders how many more moves he has like this in his arsenal. 

Milan Hejduk

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    Milan Hejduk has converted on 25 of his career shootout attempts (42.4 percent), and many of his goals have been memorable.

    Hejduk is now a veteran player, but during his prime he had some amazing hands. If the shootout had been introduced earlier, Hejduk would be among the career leaders in total goals.