Red-Hot Chicago Blackhawks on the Brink of History After Latest Win vs. Kings

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIFebruary 17, 2013

Feb 12, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith (left) and center Jonathan Toews (middle) and right wing Patrick Kane (right) talk during the overtime period against the Anaheim Ducks at the United Center. The Ducks beat the Blackhawks 3-2 in the shootout.  Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

In a battle between the defending champions and the hot new things, the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Los Angeles Kings 3-2 Sunday afternoon at the United Center. Ray Emery made 25-of-27 saves and Jonathan Toews picked up a goal and assist in the win.

As a result of this victory, the red-hot Blackhawks are on the brink of NHL history.

With the win, the Blackhawks move to 12-0-3 on the season. They've now picked up at least one point in 15 consecutive games to start the season, which is where their approach of history begins. The Blackhawks are now one point short of the 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks' record-setting season-opening points streak of 16 straight games.

For those unfamiliar with hockey and the NHL, a point can be acquired via a victory or an overtime loss. One's point streak has no correlation with an ability to score a goal.

With that being established, Chicago has a chance to make history by picking up a point Tuesday night against the 8-3-2 Vancouver Canucks.

As for the way the team is handling the hype, Joel Quenneville's squad appears to be unfazed. This goes from the top to the bottom, as the 2010 Stanley Cup champions appear inclined to make up for a lackluster 2011-12 campaign.

No one is displaying this calm demeanor more than Toews, who is the team captain and 2010 Conn Smythe Trophy winner (via Yahoo! Sports):

''We're 15 games into the season,'' Toews said. ''What's important to us is getting home ice advantage, making the playoffs. Those are our goals. Once you get there, the real season starts.

''When you get to that point, no one really cares or remembers those streaks at the start of the season.''

That's why the 24-year-old center is Chicago's captain.

The Blackhawks have been rather quiet since their championship, losing in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in both 2011 and 2012.

2013, however, seems to be a different type of season for the Chi-town squad—one in which history could be made.


2006-07 Anaheim Ducks vs. 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks

As mentioned, the 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks hold the NHL's current record for season-opening games with at least one point, starting their year 12-0-4.

As for the 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks, they're currently 12-0-3 and have a chance to tie Anaheim's mark with a better win-loss record.

The question is, which team's streak is of greater proportions?

Anaheim averaged 3.7 goals scored and 2.2 goals against during their record-setting stretch. That's an average margin of victory of 1.5 goals per game. The Ducks pitched three shutouts in that time.

Chicago is averaging 3.2 goals scored and 2.1 goals allowed per game. That makes an average point differential of 1.1 goals per game. The Blackhawks have pitched one shutout, thus far.

With all of this being known, will Chicago have constructed the better streak if they match Anaheim Tuesday night? Or was it the Ducks who put together the greatest season-opening stretch in NHL history?

Hit the comments section and let us know! Before you do, let us hit you with one more piece of information.

The 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup. Will Chicago do the same?