Minnesota Franchises are Turning the Corner!

Taylor LunemannCorrespondent IApril 8, 2009

Exciting news is coming out of Minnesota lately. There has been a buzz about the professional franchises in the state preparing to turn some corners and actually try to win a championship for their fans. It has been quite a long drought of championships for the state but those days look to be long gone.
Starting out with the Vikings, they are planning to make some changes to their program to assure them a chance to win a Super Bowl for the first time in the history of the franchise. The front office has reported that they have finally realized that the quarterback position is the most important spot on the roster.

They have made an announcement that they will be releasing every quarterback on their roster because they are garbage, and will be looking to make a trade for a legitimate and proven quarterback.

The team has also announced that they will be getting rid of coach Brad Childress. Their reasoning behind it is that he refuses to win games and has done everything in his power to make sure the team fails at everything they do.

Another position they will be cutting players on is at wide receiver. The team has announced that they will be putting the names of all the free agents on paper and closing their eyes and drawing out the first three they get.

This will undoubtedly help their position because any free agent receivers are better than Bobby Wade and all the receivers below him on the depth chart.

They are also reporting that changes in their offense will help the problem of having to hand off to AP every single play despite there being eleven guys in the box every time. This will help so the running back gets more effective years in the NFL and he does not have to retire in two years.

With all these changes coming into effect, the Vikings will have a legitimate contender in the playoffs.

Moving onto Minnesota’s baseball franchise, the Twins, they will be looking to make a few changes of their own. The team has announced that they will actually spending money to get proven players that can step in and dominate right away.

The team has been working on hitting the long ball a lot more this season and have claimed they will not be in the bottom tier in the category for the first time ever. Delmon Young has also promised that he will be worth something this year and predicted that he will get at least 30 home runs this year.

Finally, the Timberwolves have promised to make huge changes that will get them out of the gutter once and for all. After this season, they will be looking around to sign a big named player or two. This will give them a chance to make it to the playoffs for the first time in years.

The team has also announced that they will be cutting ties with Kevin McHale forever and has continually reminded him how worthless he is and how he has run the team into the ground for the last time.

When the NBA draft comes around, they have also assured the fans they will not be going out of their way to trade gold for garbage as they have done in the past (Roy for Foye, Mayo for Love). This will help them get some good young players to develop and make the team’s future much more promising.

When all of these things come into effect, it will help the fans enjoy the games more, instead of relying on Crunch’s dunks off the trampoline for their only entertainment at the games.

There is a lot of talk about how Minnesota will be the champions of the sports world for years to come because of all of these moves that will take place. Fans of these teams cannot wait to cheer and love their teams for years to come.

It is going to be great year for sports fans of this state, as the franchises get away from believing they are good for not getting dead last in the sport, to actually improving the team and doing something to reward the fans.