When Tennis Married Fashion: Spotlight On Roger Federer

Poulomee BasuCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

There have been a flurry of Roger Federer articles lately and we all know why. There have also been numerous discussions and debates floated ranging from eloquent praises to near obituaries.

But today I want to talk about something else. I want to put all issues about his tennis on the back-burner and concentrate on something completely different—his personal style.


Ah Roger! On-court or off it, there is only one way to describe this man’s style—classic. A classic style is a look that lasts through the ages. It goes beyond trends and is often considered a triumph of art. No matter the decade, figure or fashion, classic styles are always a demonstration of truly refined taste. This perfectly describes Roger Federer for you, ladies and gentlemen! 

The first picture is from a Rolex campaign in 2006 and the second one taken before Wimbledon in 2007:

First up is his on-court apparel.  Federer has always stuck to truly classic pieces on court.  No funky colors of loud prints for our man.  His attire is always reminiscent of a posh garden-party! In past seasons of Wimbledon, he has strolled on to court in a jaunty blazer and long trousers. In 2008, it was a gentlemanly cardigan with "RF" monogram. Some people might call this a bit much and maybe it was. But, was it boring? Absolutely not. From a fashion point of view, Roger gets a ten out of ten.  

Federer's style shows he's had coaching from the best.  In 2008, he popped up on the front row of Marc Jacobs's fashion show, in New York, as the arm-candy of a clearly smitten Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue. Asked that evening what sporting couture she favoured, Ms. Wintour gushed, "Anything that Roger wears." Right on, Anna. I guess it helps when you are good friends with Anna, not only are you en-vogue, you are also in Vogue.  The following photos appeared in the Men’s Vogue in 2007.

Evidently in 2007, Federer found ample time to spend on his game as well as his wardrobe. As we can see from these pictures, he is waltzing around in Dolce and Gabbana.  The body language, the stance, the relaxed feet, and the tidy suit all scream sophistication! And he somehow always has wind in his hair doesn’t he?

Classic fashion like Roger’s always starts with the simplest of ideas. Silhouettes are sleek and concepts are unpolluted. It is this clean thinking that allows a classic fashion to melt into any current theme or style. Following this principle, Roger tends to stick with classic colors as well as classic lines. Black, blue, white and brown are much more common in his wardrobe than bright yellow, hot pink and orange. 

The common black tuxedo is another example of classic fashion. The traditional garment is used by men almost everywhere, and changes little from decade to decade. The pant, bow-tie, and a simple jacket combination creates a sleek elegance that needs no alteration to fit into any formal situation. Roger is often seen repeating the same silhouettes and styles over and over again, but guess what—with his classic looks and old world charm, it blends in perfectly. Fashion trends may come and go; but like everything else about him, Roger shines with his subtlety and effortless elegance.

With most stars or “celebrities”, you can chalk out their evolution of “dressing impeccably”. Not with Roger though. There are some people who get it right from day one. That’s Roger for you. Not only does he epitomise style, he epitomises panache. As a classic style doesn’t age very easily and this is why Roger always looks fashion forward. Here we have Roger on the red carpet, once in 2005 and once in 2009. - He was incredible then and remains so now.


Everyone knows that in the world of fashion, confidence is your biggest asset. It can literally make or break your look. You can wear haute couture but if you don’t have confidence, you will be little more than a clothes hanger.

This is one area where Roger does exceedingly well. What’s more attractive than Roger Federer? It’s the aura of Roger Federer.  Every time he steps out in public, he oozes confidence and charisma, which has an almost magnetic effect on fans the world over. Whether it’s posing with a chopper, or sashaying on the red carpet, he knows he is tennis royalty and dresses the part impeccably. 

We give RF a 10/10 for looking uber stylish and beyond sensational, every single time!