Update: NHL Offers New Proposal to NHLPA: Is This the One to Get It Done?

Eric Steitz@esteitz16Analyst IIIDecember 28, 2012

Talks had stalled between the two sides, but the NHL has reportedly made a new proposal to the NHLPA.
Talks had stalled between the two sides, but the NHL has reportedly made a new proposal to the NHLPA.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

UPDATE: Pierre LeBrun has outlined the letter sent to the clubs about the league's proposal.



  • Change free agency start from July 1 to July 10 (LeBrun)
  • 10-Year CBA with eight-year opt-out (LeBrun)
  • $60 million salary cap (LeBrun)
  • Salary Arbitration and Group 3 UFA remains the same (Darren Dreger-TSN)
  • NHL wants camp to open on January 12. Aiming for a Jan. 19 start. (ProHockeyTalk)
  • NHLPA working on counter proposal (ProHockeyTalk)

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN has reported that the NHL has sent the NHL Players' Association another proposal. This one even includes some movement by the owners on such issues as contract variance and contract term limits.

Things that remain from previous offers are the $300 million "Make-Whole provision" and one buyout that will not count against the salary cap.

Per LeBrun's report, Details of the new offer include:

• Term limit on player contracts moves to six years from the five years NHL asked in previous offers (seven years if you're re-signing your own player).

• Year-to-year salary variance moves from five percent (NHL's previous offers) to 10 percent.

• Each team will be allowed one compliance buyout before the 2013-14 season that will not count against the salary cap but will count against the players' share.

• The Make Whole provision stays at $300 million.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, reached by ESPN.com, would not confirm what the player said. The two sides last met Dec. 13 when mediators failed to produce any progress.

Is this enough of a move for the players to accept the proposal? The owners have shown willingness to budge―even on some of the things they have requested all along.

Obviously it will take time for the NHLPA to review this offer, but could this be the proposal that brings the NHL back to the ice?

How do the fans feel about the proposal? Is it fair? Do they even care what the proposal looks like anymore?