Kobe Bryant and Lakers Watch 'Lincoln,' Jokes and Naps Ensue

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Kobe Bryant and Lakers Watch 'Lincoln,' Jokes and Naps Ensue
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I'm glad that Kobe Bryant is cracking jokes because it works in tandem with the theme to the Lakers' season, which is straight comedy at every turn. 

The masterful scorer, who just broke the 30,000-point barrier, was dishing on a recent trip to the movie theaters that he and his teammates enjoyed. 

That's when the Black Mamba dropped a quote that was apparently laced with sarcasm. ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin had the scoop with this tweet.


Photo Credit: ScreenRant

It makes sense that Lakers players wouldn't know who Abraham Lincoln was or that he was assassinated, seeing as how they have failed to figure out the basics of stopping their opposition from scoring at will. 

I also get that they would be flummoxed when they continue to grow as the most popular laughingstock in the league, most recently blasted with a "big boy pants" joke from a Rockets announcer.

However, relax.

The Lakers are not a bunch of historical ignoramuses, at least we hope not. They know about the 16th President of the United States and his untimely demise. 

McMenamin follows up with this tweet.


Not that they enjoyed the movie all that much. While I was rather pleased with the film, it seems that the stars of the purple and gold wouldn't agree. McMenamin tweets:


Well, there you go. A team of superstars who started off so horribly that they got their head coach canned now sits at 9-10 and can't make it through Lincoln

Granted, it was a little long. 

The only thing more hilarious would be to reintroduce Kwame Brown to the team. Hell, if this team is going down in flames, bring the band back together. Get in a call to Chris Mihm and Smush Parker as well. 

If we are going to suffer through a disaster of a season, we might as well go big. As for the Lakers, perhaps Skyfall is more up your alley, or perhaps more aptly titled. 

Hit me up on Twitter to soothe my Lakers woes. 

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