6 Craziest Hockey Records You Never Knew

Steve Silverman@@profootballboyFeatured ColumnistDecember 7, 2012

6 Craziest Hockey Records You Never Knew

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    The NHL record book is filled with some of the greatest names and teams in hockey history.

    Of course, Wayne Gretzky has his own chapter when it comes to all the scoring records that he has set, and the Montreal Canadiens own many of the records when it comes to outstanding team play.

    But there are plenty of strange hockey records that many fans are not as familiar with.

    Here's a look at six of the weirdest records in the NHL record book.

Mike Sillinger—Most Franchises

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    Mike Sillinger was a journeyman NHL player who scored 548 points in 1,049 games during a career that began in 1990 and ended in 2009.

    There wasn't much to Sillinger's career that was out of the ordinary.

    However, no NHL player ever competed for more teams than Sillinger. He played for 12 teams in his career. No other player competed for more than 10 teams.

    Sillinger played for Detroit, Anaheim, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Florida, Ottawa, Columbus, Phoenix, St. Louis, Nashville and the New York Islanders.

Philadelphia Flyers—Most Ties

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    The Philadelphia Flyers are one of the most colorful franchises in the NHL.

    However, in the 1969-70 season, the Flyers were perhaps the most indecisive franchise in the history of professional sports.

    During that 76-game season, the Flyers played 24 ties.

    That's the NHL record for most tie games, and it will never be broken since there are no longer any tie games played thanks to regular season overtime and the shootout.

Dave "Tiger" Williams—Most Penalty Minutes

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    Dave "Tiger" Williams was a pugnacious player who played with five teams during his career that went from 1974 through 1988.

    He tangled with nearly every tough guy in the NHL over that span, including Dave Schultz of the Philadelphia Flyers (above).

    No player in NHL history was ever sent to the penalty box to serve more time than Williams. Williams had 3,966 penalty minutes throughout his career.

Longest Winless Streak—Winnipeg Jets

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    The Winnipeg Jets were one of the proudest franchises in the history of World Hockey Association.

    When that league went under in 1979, the Jets were one of four WHA teams that joined the NHL. Those teams included the Jets, the Quebec Nordiques, the Hartford Whalers and the Edmonton Oilers.

    During the 1980-81 season, the Jets had a particularly difficult time. The Jets went through a 30-game winless streak, longest period between wins in NHL history.

Montreal Canadiens—Most Shutouts in One Season

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    The Montreal Canadiens and all NHL teams played 44 games during the 1928-29 season.

    That year, the Canadiens were particularly strong from a defensive perspective.

    The Canadiens and goalie George Hainsworth shut out their opponents 22 times in those games.

    That's the most shutouts by any team in a season, and Hainsworth recorded all of those shutouts.

Boston Bruins—Most Shots on Goal in One Game

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    The Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks have a long history as two of the Original Six teams in the NHL.

    However, the Bruins put Chicago goalie Sam LoPresti in a shooting gallery in 1941 when they fired a record 83 shots on goal during the regular season game in Boston.

    Lopresti was on his game that night, holding the Bruins to three goals on those 83 shots. The Bruins won the game 3-2.