NHL Players Destined to Stand Behind an NHL Bench

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IDecember 8, 2012

NHL Players Destined to Stand Behind an NHL Bench

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    In the world of NHL hockey, when a player decides to hang up his skates, he often doesn't get far away from the game.

    Players end up behind the bench coaching as either a head coach or in an assistant coach's role, and there are more than a few players who are destined to stand behind an NHL bench in the near future.

    These tacticians are smart hockey player, and they should become great coaches in the immediate future.

Sidney Crosby

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    Sidney Crosby is a talented player who has overcome post-concussion symptoms in an attempt to make a healthy comeback, but there is no guarantee on how long his career will last.

    Whenever Crosby's career does come to an end, he will likely move behind the bench because he is an intelligent player who sees the game in ways that few can.

    He would be a great educator because he has a ton of hockey knowledge that could be shared with players young and old.

Teemu Selanne

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    Teemu Selanne has done about everything that there is to do in the NHL, and he is a player who would make an excellent head coach.

    The Finnish Flash is a smart player who has tons of experience, he is a player who has seen the NHL evolve over decades and he is a player who is a great communicator and teammate.

    His leadership and ability to lead by example would help him teach and motivate his players if he ever decided to stand behind an NHL bench.

Ray Whitney

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    Ray Whitney is a wily veteran who has been around the league, and he is a player who has a lot of smarts.

    He has the potential to become a great assistant/specialty coach similar to the role that Adam Oates had with the New Jersey Devils.

    Whenever Whitney decides to hang up his skates, there are going to be a number of teams that will want to higher The Wizard for his expertise.

Jonathan Toews

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    Jonathan Toews is all but destined to stand behind an NHL bench one day.

    Nicknamed Captain Serious for his no-nonsense demeanor, Toews is player who could be a great tactician and disciplinarian as a coach.

    He is someone who understands balance in the locker room, and his experience as a captain should help him when he becomes a head coach.

    Toews is the type of player who stands out among all else while he is on the ice, and the same will reign true when he steps behind the bench.

Brad Richards

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    Brad Richards is a natural leader who would be a great assistant coach. He is a humble player who leads by example, he has a high hockey IQ and he has a lot of skills that he could teach to players.

    Richards is widely considered to be one of the NHL's top power-play QBs and passers in the game today, and these unique skills would serve him well in an assistant coach position.

Daniel Alfredsson

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    Daniel Alfredsson is another NHL veteran who is a cordial individual and a great leader. He is a player who understands the game and he has the experience and credentials to be respected by his future players.

    Alfie is too good of a hockey player and human being to be away from the NHL once his career ends.

Zach Parise

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    Zach Parise is a smart hockey player who is versatile at every aspect of the game. He is a stellar offensive player, a great defensive player and he excels on special teams.

    Parise is a smart guy who was successful at the University of North Dakota for two years until he left for the NHL, and he has the potential to be a solid assistant or head coach in the future.

Marty St. Louis

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    Marty St. Louis has come a long way throughout his NHL career, and he has overcome adversity that would help make him a great coach.

    He never let his size stop him from becoming a dominant player, and he is a genuinely smart hockey player who leads by example on and off the ice.

    St. Louis is a player who will have a future in hockey after his playing career, and it wouldn't be hard to see him behind the bench in the near future.

Ryan Callahan

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    Ryan Callahan has been described as a player who is a born leader and a player who leads by example.

    Callahan is a rugged two-way winger for the New York Rangers, and he is a player who always puts his body on the line.

    He is the type of player who has earned the respect of his peers because of his toughness, his ability to will through injuries and when you combine this with his leadership abilities, he would make a great assistant or head coach at the NHL level.

Brooks Laich

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    Brooks Laich is a player who leads by example, and he really should be the captain of the Washington Capitals.

    Laich is a hard worker who serves his team in many different roles. Given his hockey knowledge and understanding of the game, Laich would make an excellent assistant coach one day.

    His leadership ability and work ethic would be a big plus in helping to motivate and earn the respect of his players.

Jason Arnott

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    Jason Arnott is a veteran who would make a great head coach. He has Stanley Cup experience, he has been around the league a long time and he knows how to interact with different types of players.

    As an NHL journeyman, Arnott has had to adapt from time to time, and this trait plus his amazing work ethic and knowledge would make him an excellent bench boss who takes no nonsense.

    Arnott could be a rugged tactician who could get the most out of all of his players.