Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic Breaks Bank Commercial with Awful Acting

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 8, 2012

I'm not so sure I want the NHL lockout to end, because we'll be without so much comedic gold delivered by out-of-work athletes. 

Thanks to NESN, we have this video of Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic selling local fans on switching banks to the one he is endorsing. 

The beautiful disaster took someone behind the camera who thought this script was a great idea and this athlete with an Academy-Award winning talent to produce. 

We are so glad they did. 

Let's consider the alternate for just a second. Lucic could have been on camera and declared, "Hey, I'm Milan Lucic from the Boston Bruins. Come on down to the best bank in the world, NMTW Community Credit Union."

End Scene. 

Nothing sexy but nothing completely and horribly awkward either.

Instead, some evil genius thought they would make a mini-movie about this athlete wanting to break up with his bank so badly that he practices the discussion in the mirror. 

I was enchanted, terrified and moved to emotions I never thought I had. 

You will follow Lucic through a performance that is simply a tour de force. From frustration of ATM fees to a mirror scene the world will talk about decades from now, the man sells more than a new bank. 

Lucic sells the human condition. 

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