NHL Trade Speculation: 10 Teams Any Player Would Love to Be Traded To

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NHL Trade Speculation: 10 Teams Any Player Would Love to Be Traded To
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Perhaps it's difficult to assume that any player would want to be traded to any team unless he says so specifically, yet there's no denying that there are some extremely attractive hockey markets offered up by the NHL. History, talent and a winning reputation are on the side of several hockey teams and cities, thus players will target them for those reasons alone.

When free agency, trade talks and even simply when a player becomes discontented where they are, there are certain places around the league that everyone knows hockey players want to be. These destinations more often than not come up in rumors and discussions about where a player might want to be traded or signed to.

It's not a bad thing, and as younger hockey markets develop and remain competitive, there's definitely an attractiveness and draw from the NHL cities with historic success and a deeply rooted hockey culture.

Even with a fairly rigid salary cap, the NHL has turned out teams that seem to be almost chronically successful. These clubs see year after year of playoff appearances, and are always considered to be the best locations for older players seeking a trade so that they can take one last shot at a Stanley Cup. 

Players come and go, but somehow skill always seems to stay at a high level with these clubs. It's not to say that they're always solid, and the less prestigious franchises always falter; however, there is a certain mystique and "seniority" that the bigger hockey market teams possess, which makes for even greater competition and more exciting hockey from the fan's perspective.

Combine this with the history and hockey pristine a certain team and city may have, and you have an ideal destination for hockey players of any level. If we can't say that "every" player would want to play for one of these teams, we could certainly say a lot of them do, and that not too many would complain if they had the chance.

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