NHL 2012-13: Handing Out the 2012 NHL Offseason Awards

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NHL 2012-13: Handing Out the 2012 NHL Offseason Awards
photo: allhabs.net

I hope you don't expect to see any of these trophies to be handed out here, because in case you didn't know, there's no NHL hockey. I hate to beat on a dead horse, but could someone please explain to me why the NHL owners and players aren't meeting with the frequency or intensity of people who want to get a deal done? If this keeps up, the NHL will become a novelty like the World Cup with soccer.

Every four years, professional ice hockey in North America goes away to remind us that it is run by a carnival barker with no knowledge or insight to the actual NHL. That would be you Gary Bettman.

I love my NHL, and I love my Detroit Red Wings, but I'm almost becoming resigned to the fact that as long as Bettman has one of the more important voices in the hockey world, there will always be turmoil on the regular. That being said, hockey players may need a bit of a reality check when approaching the negotiating table. Maybe some scab hockey could spice things up a bit? I for one wouldn't mind lacing up the skates again for a tryout in Hockeytown. Hey, it's for the good of the game, and I'm here to help!

This (NHL) season has been a bust so far, and there isn't much to write about that is current and relevant. There are prospects and younger stars playing in the minor leagues and juniors, and NHL veterans playing in leagues overseas. There is some quality hockey out there, folks, you just need to look as hard for it as you did when you were trying to find the NHL on television.

If the NHL was smart, it would work out a deal to televise some of the games that feature NHL players instead of rehashing last season's playoffs or some other overplayed re-run. I'll take hockey in the NASCAR uniforms they rock in Europe over the NBA any day. The quality is a half notch below the NHL, but well above the AHL or junior level.

So here's your best of the best so far this (off)season. I promise there will be real hockey content included, with some pretty sweet footage of real, live hockey! Enjoy now!

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