NHL Rumors: 15 Crazy Trade Rumors That Turned out to Be Wrong

Brad Kurtzberg@@sealshockeyContributor IOctober 4, 2012

NHL Rumors: 15 Crazy Trade Rumors That Turned out to Be Wrong

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    Trade rumors. We hear them all the time, especially in this age of 24-hour television news, sports talk radio, the Internet and social media.

    These days, rumors pick up speed and are quickly spread across different formats, repeated and altered and sometimes completely blown out of proportion.

    Here is a look at 15 NHL trade rumors that just turned out to be downright wrong.

    But false trade rumors aren't just limited to the modern era. I have included a few from the past to show that even Hall of Famers were subject to outrageous and often incorrect rumors back in the day.

    This list is in no particular order and by no means complete. Feel free to add some of your own, from recent years or the past.

    Hopefully, articles like this can help keep hockey on your minds during this unwanted lockout.

Evander Kane

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    Talented young forward Evander Kane is at the center of the Jets' rebuilding program.

    Despite the fact that he scored 30 goals for Winnipeg last season, rumors abounded that the Jets were looking to deal their biggest offensive threat.

    It all turned out to be false, and Kane re-signed with the Jets shortly before the beginning of the lockout. Barring some very bad off-ice incident, expect Kane to remain the center of the Jets attack for years to come.

Sam Gagner

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    A lot was expected of Sam Gagner when the Edmonton Oilers made him the sixth overall pick in the 2007 NHL draft.

    To date, the results have been mixed. Gagner has not established himself as a fixture on the top two lines and has never scored more than 18 goals or 49 points in a season.

    He is still only 23 and has shown flashes of his immense talent like the eight-point game he had last season.

    Regardless of the reason, Gagner has often been subject of trade rumors, especially leading up to this past season's trade deadline.

    So far, the rumors have proven to be unfounded, and Gagner remains a building block of a young and talented corps of forwards in Edmonton along with Taylor Hall, Nail Yakupov, Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

Patrick Marleau

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    The rumors surrounding San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau have been going on for quite some time, but the 33-year-old remains a career Shark.

    San Jose's failure to reach the Stanley Cup Final despite being a favorite nearly every year since the lockout has led to the rumors that Marleau may be heading elsewhere.

    Marleau is one of the leaders on a talented San Jose team, and he is the franchise's all-time leader in goals, assists and points.

    So far, all the talk about GM Doug Wilson moving Marleau have proven to be bunk.

Bobby Hull

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    Yes, even Hall of Fame players were subject to trade rumors.

    Chicago Blackhawks sniper Bobby Hull was the subject of many rumors during his time with he club. He often had contract disagreements with management and stories would sometimes hit the papers that the team was looking to deal its superstar.

    Hull was never traded, but did leave the Blackhawks to sign with the WHA's Winnipeg Jets in 1972 for $1 million.

Jarome Iginla

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    Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla has been the subject of many trade rumors over the past two seasons, but he remains a member of the Flames, and all the noise has been nothing more than bluster.

    The logic has been that the Flames have not been contenders over the past few years, and their 35-year-old captain should be traded while he still has value and they can get a prospect or high draft pick in return.

    To date, Iginla remains the Flames captain and the face of the franchise.

Eric Lindros

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    There was a lot of confusion and controversy surrounding Eric Lindros after he refused to play for the Quebec Nordiques after they drafted him with the first selection in the 1991 NHL draft.

    In the end, the Nords traded Lindros to BOTH the Rangers and the Flyers within an hour of each other.  The case went to arbitration, and it was ruled that Quebec completed the trade with Philadelphia first, so Lindros became a Flyer. The trade to the Rangers was, in the end, BS.

    The Rangers and Nordiques both benefited from this trade. New York won President's Trophies in 1991-92 and 1993-94 and finally ended its Stanley Cup drought in 1994. Quebec acquired players like Mike Ricci and Peter Forsberg along with several draft picks in the deal. They became the building blocks for the 1996 Stanley Cup winners after the Nordiques became the Colorado Avalanche.

Bobby Ryan

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    Few players have been the subject or more trade rumors recently than Anaheim Ducks forward Bobby Ryan.

    The rumors started more than a season ago and heated up again over this past summer. So far, the 25-year-old sniper remains with Anaheim.

    Based on his size and talent and the Ducks' lack of scoring depth, they would be foolish to deal the talented native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey unless they receive an overwhelming offer.

Miikka Kiprusoff

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    The rumors surrounding Flames goalie Mikka Kiprusoff are similar in logic to those involving Jarome Iginla: The Flames are not Cup contenders. Kiprusoff is nearly 36 years old and is one of the few assets they have who could get them something valuable in return, so they should trade him now while he still has some value.

    Rumors about "Kipper" have surfaced on and off over the past few seasons, but to date, the Finnish goalie remains a centerpiece of the Calgary Flames.

Ales Hemsky

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    Ales Hemsky has been a reliable veteran leader for the Edmonton Oilers for several seasons now, but that hasn't stopped rumors from spreading that he may be headed out of Edmonton.

    The logic is that Hemsky could be a useful part of a contending club, and the Oilers need help on defense. It may be logical, but thus far, it simply hasn't been true.

Vincent Lecavalier

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    Maybe it's because of his high salary cap number and his decreased offensive production, but trade rumors have been swirling around Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vinny Lecavalier recently.

    Much of the speculation has centered on the idea of the Bolts trading Lecavalier to Montreal, probably because the Canadiens have struggled to score and Lecavalier is French-Canadian.

    Despite all the talk, Lecavalier remains in Tampa Bay.

Ryan Getzlaf

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    The Anaheim Ducks failed to make the playoffs last season, and when that happens and a star player's contract is winding down, trade rumors often follow.

    One often-heard rumor was that top-line forward Ryan Getzlaf would be heading to Toronto.

    That simply hasn't happened, and the Regina native remains with the Ducks.

P.K. Subban

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    P.K. Subban is a young and talented defenseman, but at times, his attitude and behavior have stirred controversy for the Canadiens organization.

    Because of this, trade rumors have surfaced about Subban on and off over the past season.

    So far, the Habs have ignored calls to trade their young defenseman, and he remains one of the key building blocks of Montreal's rebuilding program.

Teemu Selanne

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    The rumors surrounding a possible trade of Ducks winger Teemu Selanne follow a predictable pattern often followed by the media:

    1. Find a team that is not going to make the playoffs

    2. Locate a popular veteran player nearing the end of his career, preferably a future Hall of Famer

    3. Say that player wants one more shot at a Stanley Cup before retiring

    It's basically an attempt to recreate the Ray Bourque story of 2000. It resulted in Bourque's first championship a year later.

    Similar rumors swirled around Selanne at the trade deadline last year, but Selanne stayed put and later signed for another year with the Ducks.

Matt Moulson

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    Another situation that often starts trade rumors in the press is when a talented player on a team with a smaller budget has an expiring contract.

    Take the case of the Islanders' Matt Moulson. The North York, Ontario, native now has three consecutive 30-goal seasons, and many speculated that the Isles couldn't afford to keep him. Rumors started to fly that other teams were going to acquire Moulson, but in the end, he re-signed with the Islanders.

Nazem Kadri

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    Another situation that often leads to trade rumors is the prospect who is slow to blossom.

    Toronto's Nazem Kadri is a prime example. The highly-touted forward has yet to establish himself as an regular, let alone become a goal scorer at the NHL level, so rumors started to spread that Toronto may deal Kadri at the trade deadline.

    These rumors also proved to be wrong, and Kadri remains part of the Maple Leafs organization.