Power Ranking the 25 Best One-on-One Shootout Moves in NHL History

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor ISeptember 24, 2012

Power Ranking the 25 Best One-on-One Shootout Moves in NHL History

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    When the NHL returned from the last lockout, the shootout was introduced as a way to create fan excitement and interest. Since the 2005-06 season, there have been tons of spectacular and amazing highlight reel shootout goals that have left fans in pure awe.

    Here is a power ranking of the 25 best one-on-one shootout moves in NHL history.

25. Ilya Kovalchuk Dekes out Henrik Lundqvist

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    Ilya Kovalchuk is now a New Jersey Devil but during this shootout goal, he was a member and team captain of the Atlanta Thrashers.

    Kovalchuk is a skilled goal scorer who is also very creative with the puck. He also possesses solid speed which allows him to weave in and out when approaching the goaltender.

    During this attempt, Kovy simply goes to the far post side and waits for Lundqvist to be out of position before putting the puck in the back of the net. 

24. Martin St.Louis Dazzles Against the Pens

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    Martin St. Louis is a talented scorer, but when this goal was scored, the Tampa Bay Lightning forward was just starting to become the player he is today.

    Nonetheless, the skilled and swift forward was able to pull of a sensational move to beat Marc-Andre Fleury between the legs.

23. Linus Omark Slides It Past Pekka Rinne

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    This goal by Linus Omark was pretty slick and sly. The Edmonton Oilers' former left winger came in with amazing speed, and at the last minute, he slowed down to force Pekka Rinne to make the first move.

    Once Rinne made his move and opened up the five-hole, Omark slid the puck through his legs to put the icing on this shootout cake.

22. Pavol Demitra Goes Backhand and Top Shelf Against the Thrashers

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    Pavol Demitra was one of the NHL's most unsung and creative forwards during his NHL career. He was a player who often flew under the radar but during the shootout, Demitra was able to showcase his immense talent and skill.

    This goal against the Atlanta Thrashers was skillful, and it was scored with ease by the veteran Demitra.

    Demitra tragically was killed in the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv plane tragedy last September and his life and career ended way too soon.

21. Jason Blake Puts a Spin on It

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    Jason Blake is no longer the skilled player he was in his youth, but during a shootout against the New Jersey Devils, the aging forward had a trick up his sleeve.

    Blake coyly skates up the ice and gives Scott Clemmensen the spin-o-rama treatment to put the Toronto Maple Leafs ahead in the shootout.

    With all the spin-o-rama moves that were popularized during this time period, it is surprising that so many goalies looked foolish when they were scored upon.

20. Brian Rolston Scores the Old-Fashioned Way

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    Although the shootout may be a setting for the NHL's most skilled and creative players, old, blue-collar forwards like Brian Rolston can still make an impact.

    During this shootout attempt, Rolston skates wide right in order to gain the angle he wants, and then he cuts back in to drive a heavy slapper past Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings.

19. Ryan Getzlaf Makes Some Moves Against the Los Angeles Kings

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    Ryan Getzlaf is known for his playmaking and passing abilities, but during this shootout attempt, the Anaheim Ducks forward put the moves on the Los Angeles Kings' goalkeeper.

    Although the quality of this footage is a bit fuzzy, it is easy to see how Getzlaf deked his way to scoring a sweet shootout goal.

18. Thomas Vanek Uses Windmill Move to Beat the Goaltender

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    Thomas Vanek has a storied reputation as a sniper with the Buffalo Sabres, and he has some real crafty moves. 

    Vanek has used slap shots and wristers in the past to score in the shootout, but this windmill goal has to be considered as one of Vanek's sneakiest shootout moves.

17. Zach Parise Relies on His Classic Move

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    The newest member of the Minnesota Wild is considered an expert when it comes to shootouts. He has a lot of tools that make him a clutch shootout participant, but he often relies on this go-to move.

    Parise scored this shootout goal by using a back-and-forth deke that has allowed him to score 29 shootout career goals (a 46 percent conversion rate) up to this point in his career.

16. Alex Ovechkin with a Nice Wrister in the Shootout

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    Alex Ovechkin is one of the NHL's deadliest shootout snipers, and he has a very lethal arsenal of go-to moves.

    Oveckhin is swift with the puck, has great speed, solid hands and a wicked shot. If Ovechkin doesn't use a plethora of dekes to score, he usually relies on a toe-drag wrist shot, similar to the one in this video.

    When it comes to Ovechkin in the shootout, it isn't whether or not he will score, it is about how he will score.

15. Erik Christensen Shows Some Nasty Moves

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    Erik Christensen was a fringe NHL player who never could remain a factor for the New York Rangers. He is a talented and creative player who often succumbed to over-thinking and trying too hard.

    However, Christensen appeared to be a completely different player in the shootout, and it is a shame this couldn't translate to his overall game.

    There are tons of great shootout goals on YouTube scored by Christensen, but this manhandling of Dan Ellis happens to be one of his overall best.

14. Evgeni Malkin's Spin-O-Rama

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    Evgeni Malkin is straight up filthy in the shootout and although this goal is nice, many others have pulled off the spin-o-rama with more flash and elegance.

    Malkin takes his sweet time skating in and then puts on the brakes before spinning around a complete 360 degrees.

    Carey Price had no chance and was helpless when Malkin roofed the puck and put it in the net. 

13. Mike Ribeiro Relies on an All-Time Favorite Move

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    Mike Ribeiro has scored many goals like this throughout his career during the shootout, and it is surprising that goaltenders haven't learned to scout this move.

    Ribeiro scores the game-deciding goal while shielding the puck from the goaltender's line of vision. It truly was a nifty move.

12. Patrick Kane's Dazzling Moves

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    Patrick Kane is a wizard with the puck and this shootout move was pretty nasty. Kane channeled his inner Charlie Conway while executing this move that plays homage to Conway's famous triple-deke. 

    Kane has illustrated on many occasions that he is a creative player, and this shootout goal is one of his all-time best examples.

    Kane's goal from this year's All-Star skills competition is another example of how creative he is during the shootout.

11. Marian Gaborik Is Too Quick for Jonas Hiller

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    Marian Gaborik, when healthy, is one of the league's most lethal goal scorers. He has the speed, hands and great shot that makes him an elite player.

    In the shootout, when it is just Gaborik and the goalie, he likes to get fancy and show off his skill set.

    In this clip, Gaborik makes multiple moves to beat Jonas Hiller of the Anaheim Ducks. Gaborik is often slick with the puck, but this is one of his best shootout goals.

10. Rick Nash Against the Detroit Red Wings

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    Although the newest New York Ranger is currently recording hat tricks with HC Davos in Switzerland, Rick Nash is a player with the tools needed to succeed in the shootout.

    Nash has a great reach that allows him to deke wide left and right to fool the goaltender before tucking it back on the wide side.

    His pin-point accurate wrist shot is a move that Nash favors when he decides not to deke.

    Nash is truly a top offensive threat, and when he is one-on-one in the shootout, he can beat the goaltender in so many ways.

9. Henrik Zetterberg Uses One Hand to Beat Mike Smith

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    Henrik Zetterberg has some slick hands and dandy moves when he is called upon to take part in the shootout.

    This move is very close to a move made famous by fellow countryman Peter Forsberg, and Zetterberg does a good job paying homage to "Foppa."

    Although Mike Smith had a Vezina-worthy season, this clip makes him look like an AHL-er.

8. Anze Kopitar Uses One Hand to Seal Victory for Los Angeles Kings

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    Anze Kopitar is a top playmaker and scorer for the Los Angeles Kings who is lethal in the shootout.

    Kopitar has been a top threat for years in the Western Conference, but the Kings' Stanley Cup run showcased the Slovenian star to the entire world.

    In this highlight reel, Kopitar makes multiple goalies look foolishly silly with the same move over and over again.

7. Mikhail Grabovski Schools Ty Conklin

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    Mikhail Grabovski is an average scorer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but this move makes him look like a top-flight sniper. In order to pull this off, Grabovski used his slick hands and speed to give him an advantage.

    When attempting a spin move, it is pretty obvious where the puck will end up, so a shooter needs to add some flair and finesse to be successful.

    Grabovski took things to a whole new level when he switched from a backhand move to a spin move and finally got the puck back on his forehand before putting it past Ty Conklin.

6. Jussi Jokinen's Sweet and Silky Moves

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    Jussi Jokinen is a talented player with "sweet and silky moves," and he is one of the league's top shootout marksman. 

    It was hard to come up with an eloquent way to describe the slick and amazing nature of this goal, so I defaulted to how the announcers described it. 

5. Sidney Crosby Beats His Boyhood Habs

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    Sidney Crosby is one of the greatest players in the NHL today, and this goal was one of the biggest in his young career.

    Crosby dominates so easily during even strength that it is almost unfair to have him come over the boards to take a shot during the shootout.

    This move is just pretty slick because Crosby has the goalie going one way, he kicks his leg back and then roofs one under the bar for a sweet shootout goal.

    This goal was special for Crosby because it came against his favorite team growing up, the Montreal Canadiens.

4. Mike Ribeiro Puts It Between the Legs

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    Mike Ribeiro makes a second appearance in this slideshow for his "cheeky" shootout goal against the Los Angeles Kings.

    With the game on the line, Ribeiro takes a huge risk, and it paid off as he slid the puck between his legs before tapping it into an empty net past netminder Erik Ersberg.

    It took a lot of fortitude to try this move on the road, and his celebration was even cheekier, as he passed the Kings' bench on his way back to celebrate with his teammates.

3. Claude Giroux Shocks Toronto with an Amazing Move

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    Claude Giroux emerged as one of the NHL's top players during the 2011-12 season, and he showcased tons of glitz and glamor during this shootout goal.

    This move against the Toronto Maple Leafs during the shootout further showcased Giroux's sick skills, and it almost makes sense that a player as creative as Giroux was featured on the cover of EA Sports' NHL 13.

2. Marek Malik's Unbelievable Goal

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    This shootout goal was one of the most unlikely goals scored in the history of the shootout. Marek Malik was a defenseman for the New York Rangers that was not known for his hands or his offensive prowess.

    Malik usually would never appear in the shootout, but because of the length of rounds this competition went, he was selected to line up against Olaf Kolzig. The rest is history, as Malik made magic happen when he dangled the puck between his legs and past the goaltender for the victory.

1. Pavel Datsyuk Proves Why He Is One of the Best

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    Pavel Datsyuk is just a wizard when it comes to the shootout because of his deadly offensive instincts and amazing hands.

    The creativity and thought that goes into his moves really makes you appreciate everything Datsyuk brings to the game.

    It is hard to limit Datsyuk to one amazing move, so here is a highlight reel showcasing some of his best work.