NHL 13 Player Ratings: Marian Gaborik and Deadly Speedsters on Breakaways

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 11, 2012

image from NHL 13
image from NHL 13

Marian Gaborik has a shoulder injury that will keep him out of action until December in real life, per Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports—that is of course providing a lockout doesn't kill the season—but there is nothing wrong with his legs in NHL 13.

The New York Rangers star is blazing fast in NHL 13. He is tied for the fastest speed rating at 94. If you can get him in one-on-one situations with a defender he can be deadly.

If you can keep him healthy in your virtual season he'll light it up for the Rangers—unless of course you trade for him or do a fantasy draft. Speed is attractive and many gamers will covet that quality.

Take a look at Gaborik and the Rangers in action in this video.

Here are two other skaters that bring speed to the game in a major way:


Michael GrabnerNew York Islanders

Grabner is also rated a 94 in speed on NHL 13. The rest of his game hasn't quite fallen into place as his overall rating is just an 81, but the speed can be an asset for gamers now.

If he's playing on the same line as John Tavares he can be an effective sniper for the Islanders' playmaker.

Here is a video of the Islanders in action on NHL 13.


Patrick MarleauSan Jose Sharks

There are a host of players rated a 93 in speed, but Marleau is the best overall player of the group. His 88 overall rating makes him the second best player of all the ultra speed-skaters on the game.

The Sharks are one of the most exciting teams to play with. Marleau is fast, but the team has exceptional overall speed.

Martin Havlat isn't far behind Marleau in the quickness department, his speed rating is a 92. This quality could make the Sharks a fairly popular team online.

Check out the Sharks in action:


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