NHL Free Agency: 10 Most Overrated Moves of the Summer

Alex Bacon@abacon55Correspondent ISeptember 3, 2012

NHL Free Agency: 10 Most Overrated Moves of the Summer

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    July 1st is the most important day of the offseason in the NHL.

    The “Free Agent Frenzy” begins and teams scurry to sign players before they are off the market.

    Sometimes though, general managers do too much and sign players to contracts that they do not deserve.

    Whether it is because of money, age or skill some contracts seem better than what they actually are worth.

10. Philadelphia Flyers Sign Ruslan Fedotenko

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    Ruslan Fedotenko, who began his career with the Philadelphia Flyers, signed a one year $1.75 million contract with his rookie NHL team this summer.

    Considering Fedotenko’s age and consistent decrease of scoring over the past four years he should not be making this much money.

    He is a third-liner at best.

    Fedotenko's salary has undeservingly increased over the past two years, and his offensive production will most likely drop again this year. 

9. New Jersey Devils Sign Krystofer Barch

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    The New Jersey Devils do not need any more enforcers so signing tough-guy Krys Barch seems unnecessary.

    David Clarkson, Ryan Carter and Cam Janssen already are not afraid to drop the mitts. Krys Barch is just overkill.

    Yes, his contract is not very expensive, but the Devils should be worrying about replacing the lost offense of Zach Parise.

8. Calgary Flames Sign Jiri Hudler

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    $16 million dollars over four years is a little expensive for a player that has only scored over 20 goals twice in his career.

    Hudler has spent seven years in the NHL, all with the Red Wings. If he can only put up mediocre numbers at best with one of the best offensive teams in the NHL, is he really going to do much better with a struggling offensive team?

    Hudler needs the help of star players to put up points, and Jarome Iginla’s age is catching up to him, so Iginla will not be a great assistance to Hudler.

7. Washington Capitals Re-Sign Mike Green

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    The once league dominating defenseman Mike Green just got a huge contract extension with the Washington Capitals.

    Green, who was plagued by injuries the past two seasons, does not deserve the over one million dollar contract increase that he received.

    He signed for three years for a total of $18.25 million even though he was held to only 31 points over the last two seasons.

    This is a risky extension for the Capitals, Green is injury prone and probably will not put up over 70 points like he did in the 2008-2009 season and 2009-2010 season.

6. Winnipeg Jets Sign Olli Jokinen

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    Olli Jokinen is a center that is no where near as good as he used to be about six years ago with the Florida Panthers.

    Back then his cap hit was $5.25 million a year, and now it is $4.5 million a year.

    The Jets are also paying him $1.5 million more than what he received the last two years when he scored 115 points over both seasons.

    The Jets are crazy if they think that the 33-year-old center will exceed those numbers from the last two years.

5. Dallas Stars Sign Ray Whitney

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    Looking to improve total offense, the Dallas Stars signed 40-year-old Ray Whitney for $9 million over two years, increasing his cap hit by $1.5 million from last year.

    Whitney’s 77 points last year were a fluke. The Stars will be lucky if he makes it through the season without an injury, let alone with over 50 points.

    The increase in pay is undeserved and the Stars are going to be kicking themselves once they realize the risk that they took will fail.

4. Anaheim Ducks Sign Sheldon Souray

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    At this point in his career only one word can describe Sheldon Souray.


    The once great offensive defenseman has gone through so much over the past years.

    Souray has only scored over 40 points twice in his career and has only played over 70 games three times in 13 career seasons.

    The $11 million he squeezed out of the Anaheim Ducks will most likely be the last he earns in the NHL because he is bound to call it quits after another major injury.

3. Minnesota Wild Sign Ryan Suter and Zach Parise

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    The Minnesota Wild think that they got the two best free agents on the market this offseason, and they did.

    But spending $50 million dollars up front and another $196 million over 13 years will put a dent in the pocket of the organization for some time.

    If Parise and Suter do not work out as the Wild planned they are doomed for some time.

    Not to mention the $50 million signing bonuses that the Wild paid may go down the drain due to the possibility of a lockout.

2. Dallas Stars Sign Jaromir Jagr

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    The Dallas Stars really went out on a limb when they signed Jaromir Jagr.

    The 40-year-old winger has about hit his limit.

    After playing in the KHL and NHL Jagr is running out of steam, he obviously will not score over 100 points like he has done five times in his career.

    He will be lucky if he scores half of that this year and he will need to stay healthy to hit that mark.

1. Carolina Hurricanes Sign Alexander Semin

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    The last two years for Alexander Semin have not gone so well.

    He only scored 54 points each year and missed a good amount of time with injuries.

    Injuries have always been a problem for Semin. He has never played all 82 games in one season in 7 years in the NHL.

    Paying him $7 million for only one year could come back to haunt the Carolina Hurricanes, he is not the point-per-game player he used to be.

    Without Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom expect his numbers to decrease even more.