12 Interesting Jobs for NHL Players in the Event of a Lockout

Nicholas Goss@@NicholasGoss35Correspondent ISeptember 2, 2012

12 Interesting Jobs for NHL Players in the Event of a Lockout

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    NHL players who don't play hockey overseas during a possible lockout might look to find a new job to pass the time while waiting for the work stoppage to conclude.

    Not being able to play hockey in the NHL would give players a lot of free time to do things they normally wouldn't have time for during the season.

    Let's look at 12 interesting jobs that players can consider.


    Note: This article is intended for humor and fun only.

Sleep Testing

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    For players who regularly look disinterested on the ice, or look "asleep" sometimes, being a professional sleep tester would be a good job for them.

    Yes, this is actually a real job.

    Testing out different types of mattresses and judging their comfort level would definitely be a simple and relaxing job.

    I'm sure players such as Alexander Semin would love to give this job a go during a lockout.

Pro Gamer

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    Many players actually enjoy playing EA Sports' NHL video game series, and I'm willing to bet some are quite good at the game.

    Becoming a professional video game player, or starting their own leagues would be a fun way for players to have some friendly competition and spend time with each other.

    The video game world might be the closest we get to NHL action this winter.

Boxing Coach

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    For many of the NHL players who excel at fighting, becoming a boxing coach might be a fun way to spend their time during a work stoppage.

    Players such as Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins would be able to practice their own fighting technique while teaching other young players how to fight properly.

    Alternatively, NHLers who don't fight well, yet still find themselves dropping their gloves on occasion, could also benefit from learning the proper techniques and style.

Diving Team

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    For NHL players who dive too much--Ryan Kesler and Brad Marchand, for example--learning the Olympic sport of diving would be a fun alternative to playing hockey.

    Two things that divers and hockey players need to be successful at is timing and balance, so there are some benefits to giving this sport a try even though it's unlikely any player will.

    Kesler seems to already have a head start on the somersault routine.

Start a Reality TV Show

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    NHL players would be great additions to most reality TV shows. They understand how to be funny, and they also make people laugh when things get totally serious like in the video for this slide between Mike Rupp and Jody Shelley.

    After watching two seasons of HBO's 24/7 series, we know how funny players can get when they talk to the camera or when they are mic'd up during actual games.

Professional Eater

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    Being paid to eat food would be a dream job for a lot of people. Watching the Food Network to and seeing people make a good living by sampling and critiquing food and service in various restaurants are pretty awesome.

    For NHL players who want to compete off the ice this winter, professional eating might be a fun job.

    Some players run or own their own restaurant, so hosting some eating contests would be a creative way to promote their business.

    Maybe even a few players could host their own TV show on a channel like the Food Network. That would be awesome.

Music Career

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    Many professional athletes have attempted to become music stars, and while some have enjoyed impressive success, many of them are unable to shine in the recording studio.

    There are several hockey players who have musical talent, including New York Rangers star goaltender and reigning Vezina Trophy winner Henrik Lundqvist.

    On last season's HBO 24/7 series involving the Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers, we learned that Lundqvist plays the guitar very well.

    Maybe Lundqvist could find some other NHL players who enjoy playing instruments and start a band that could play for charity.


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    There are several similarities between the sports of hockey and lacrosse. Many NHL players, and current high school and college hockey players, have also played lacrosse at some point in their lives.

    For many NHLers who used to play lacrosse or have never played before, a lockout would be a great opportunity to improve their skills or learn the game.

    If NHL players started playing lacrosse during the lockout, it could really help the popularity of the sport.


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    Hockey players already endorse products by doing commercials, but for players who don't get the chance to do many of them, a lockout would give these guys more time to make some extra cash.

    For the players who don't make large salaries, not getting paychecks during a long work stoppage could be a real problem. Doing commercials, even for weird products, would be an effective way to bring in money to help pay the bills.

    Who wouldn't want to see more awkward commercials like Sidney Crosby's Dempster's bread advertisement?

Professional Poker Player

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    Playing poker professionally is one of the coolest jobs in America. You get to play a card game, spend a lot of time around the world's finest casinos and make a ton of money if you're good.

    Since many hockey players play poker on plane rides to and from away games and are naturally competitive, taking their talents to the card table would be fun.

    Living in Las Vegas, enjoying the nice weather, and going to casinos to play poker would be a nice winter alternative for many players if there weren't any NHL games to play.

Dog Walking

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    Spending everyday with a man's best friend would certainly be a fun way for players to spend their extended vacation if there's a lockout.

    People actually earn a living by dog walking. It gives people a chance to enjoy the nice weather, to live an easy life and to hang out with some really cool dogs. Walking dogs is also a great way to get some quality exercise.

    Who wouldn't want to walk dogs with Ilya Bryzgalov and his Siberian husky?

Vacation Critic

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    Getting paid to critique vacation spots and various hotels is definitely a cool job.

    It would also allow players to enjoy their time off during the lockout in some of the most relaxing vacation spots in the world during the winter months.

    Since NHL players are used to flying, moving from one location to another wouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Making money to be on vacation is a win-win for everyone, especially if there are no NHL hockey games to play.