A Startled Team Who Became A Winner

Harrison LastContributor IMarch 15, 2008

Two days ago, my school was put on lock down due to a threat. All the students and faculty huddled in two rooms. We all waited to hear the news, to see what was happening in our school. The police searched up and down looking for weapons or bombs. Nothing was found and we all left 45 minutes early, startled and confused.

The next day the school reunited and along with the other two schools in the district, walked 4 miles.We walked from one school to another in order to raise money for cancer patients. My school, became a team of over 1000 students and strongly overcame the "almost" tragedy from the day before. 

This article is not meant to tell you about my school, but to tell you about the Florida Panthers.

We all remember February 10, 2008. Replay after replay, showed Oli Jokinens skate going into Richard Zedniks neck, almost killing him. Both teams were shocked, but Florida was hurt the most when they almost lost a teammate and a friend. It was evident that they were struggling. They lost seven of their next nine games, three of which went to OT. They gave up an average of 3.67 goals per game and only scored an average of 2.11 goals per game (one loss was a shutout).  

But after those nine games, they went on to win six in a row, shutting out their opponent twice  in that span. The young players have stepped it up. Nathon Horton has tallied 5 points in six games compared to the 5 in the previous nine. Brett McLean has tallied 8 points in the last six. However their super star, Oli Jokinen has struggled.

The Florida Panthers have shown how good of a team they really are. Not only were they able to overcome a terrible incident, but they have played themselves back into the playoff races despite Jokinen not playing as well as usual. In my opinion, they deserve to make the playoffs and go far. I believe they will make the playoffs because they have played outstanding and with nine games left to play and only 4 points out of the playoffs, things look pretty good for them.

Just like my school, they have banded together and overcome the near tragedy.