US Open Comes to Adorable Halt as Squirrel Runs Wild on Court

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The MLB playoffs are around that sports corner making it the perfect time for squirrels to run wild like a coed during Spring Break. 

(h/t Deadspin)

We all remember last year's rally squirrel, making this furry friend a sports enthusiast cousin of that baseball nut. 

Some of you may even recall the Anfield Cat who stormed the pitch in a match between Liverpool and Tottenham earlier this year. 

Now we have the US Open Squirrel to play us out of the summer. Watch as the crowd goes absolutely insane as the cutest rodent in the animal kingdom dominates the tennis court. 

A ball is hit its way as if that would have seen this stalwart packing any sooner. No, he is here just to mess up your early-round fun in a heated match pitting Julien Benneteau against Olivier Rochus. 

Thank you, friend. You surely broke up some of the monotony of this star-studded affair. 

The announcer then offers someone should throw some nuts at this guy here. Well, that's a tad squirrel-ist if you ask me. 

We expect an apology for the insensitive remarks, because not all of these animals love nuts, a horrible generalization. 

The Internets love animals. I am just sorry I couldn't bring you a cat. 


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