NHL: 1 Player from Each Team Who Opposing Fans Will Tell They "Suck"

Kevin Goff@@BrgBrigadeKevinContributor IAugust 24, 2012

NHL: 1 Player from Each Team Who Opposing Fans Will Tell They "Suck"

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    NHL fans are a passionate group of people. They support their team with all of the passion that they can build up in their hearts and then some.

    Part of that involves cheering for their team and making noise in their home buildings. 

    The other part of this passion goes towards abusing the players on the opponents' roster. Name-calling, chanting, and several other practices are involved in this.

    Fans naturally believe that their opponents "suck," whether or not that is actually the case. The same goes for certain players on opposing teams as well.

    So here are some players that opposing fans might say "suck."

Anaheim Ducks

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    Newly-signed forward Daniel Winnik is a player who doesn't get a lot of appreciation for the work that he does.

    He doesn't put up a lot of offensive numbers, which might make some fans eager to label him as a player that "sucks," but he does do a lot for his team.

    Winnik proves his worth in the defensive zone and on the penalty-kill especially. Still, without the flare of offense, fans that might not know him as well could assume he is a bad player.

Boston Bruins

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    A lot of fans like to target the guy that is the thorn in their team's side as a player that "sucks." Brad Marchand is a perfect example of that type of player.

    Marchand starts a lot of "extra-curricular" activities and has been known to lay a few cheap shots which has drawn the ire of several fan bases in the NHL.

    He is a player who has a lot of skill and one heck of an engine, but plenty of fans will say that Marchand "sucks."

Buffalo Sabres

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    You might even get some Sabres fans to agree with this one simply because of the contract that Ville Leino got after one good playoff year.

    After signing a six-year contract worth $27 million, Leino laid a gigantic egg in the 2011-2012 season by producing a whopping 25 points with only eight goals.

    Leino crumbled under the pressure of putting up numbers worthy of his salary, and that can earn a player a "sucky" label.

Calgary Flames

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    Jay Bouwmeester is a player who always finds himself in trade rumors and is another victim of the big contract expectations.

    Bouwmeester has a cap hit of $6.68 million each year and has done some declining in the past few years.

    He doesn't put up a ton of points (though that isn't his main job), and his physical game and defensive numbers have gone a bit backwards with age.

    He's still a good player, but he's one that some fans might say "sucks."

Carolina Hurricanes

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    Tuomo Ruutu is another guy that plays with an edge and occasionally goes over that edge.

    Worst of all, he's a guy that has the capability to also add 50 points for his team. 

    The guys that put on a questionable hit during an early part of a game and then make a huge difference by putting the puck in the net later in the game always make fans nuts.

Chicago Blackhawks

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    One could make an argument that the Chicago Blackhawks are just a decent goaltender away from being back in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    When you're labeled as the guy that is keeping your team away from the promised land, as Corey Crawford is in Chicago, that's pretty brutal.

    I don't think Crawford is a bad goalie, but he is definitely inconsistent with sharp highs and lows.

    That type of inconsistency can get you some pretty negative labels.

Colorado Avalanche

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    Stay-at-home defensemen like Ryan O'Byrne, often get a bum rap when it comes to fan recognition.

    People look far too much at points produced when it comes to judging a player's skills, and that is a number that is not particularly kind to O'Byrne. He has scored precisely three goals in his six seasons in the NHL.

    He's a player that gets forgotten a lot on the ice because of his style of game. And if you're a player that gets forgotten, people might say that you "suck," even if you don't deserve it. 

Columbus Blue Jackets

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    There are so many issues with the Columbus Blue Jackets it's hard to really pinpoint one person.

    That being said, the easiest person for people to take aim at is the goaltender. Steve Mason may not get much help from anywhere in Columbus, but what people still see is him clearing the puck out of his own net.

Dallas Stars

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    Derek Roy had some very successful seasons while a member of the Buffalo Sabres but has declined in the past few seasons.

    Once a 30 goal scorer, Roy has seen his production go steadily down hill. 

    Roy needed to get out of Buffalo and will have to prove to himself and fans across the league that he isn't just a flash in the pan.

Detroit Red Wings

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    Todd Bertuzzi is no longer thought of as a player that is a dominant power forward who can impose his will on his opponents.

    That all ended right around the last lockout and he hasn't gotten back to that since.

    His impact and influence on games has gone out the window as he is now just an old player well into his decline, hoping that he can ride the coattails of more popular players to a championship.

Edmonton Oilers

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    Taylor Hall is immensely skilled but that hasn't stopped fans from thinking this guy still has a long way to go.

    All that skill doesn't hide the fact that he's missed close to 20 games in each of his first two seasons thus far.

    It's great to be skilled but if you're too soft, as Hall seems like he might be, then you won't have that long of a career.

Florida Panthers

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    It is really hard to be a goalie in the NHL, and the career of Jose Theodore shows exactly why that is.

    Each season is so different for a goalie that you have to be able to handle all the ups and downs mentally, and Theodore hasn't always been able to do that.

    He's another goalie that has had a whole career of sharp ups and downs and hasn't always handled things very well.

    That type of inconsistency will leave a negative impression.

Los Angeles Kings

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    It's hard to be the guy that is inconsistent in his career, but it's even harder to be the guy that has the potential to be great but just doesn't seem to want to work for it.

    Dustin Penner has had nothing but questions about his work ethic, which has put him in the  doghouse many times since he has been in Los Angeles.

    Plus, it never helps you earn popularity when you're injured by pancakes.

Minnesota Wild

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    Cal Clutterbuck is one of those players that opposing players and fans hate.

    He's very physical and will hit absolutely anything and everything that moves. He also has darn good hands and can put the puck in the net.

    He takes liberties, which is bound to make fans not like him. It's no shock why many fans would say Clutterbuck "sucks."

Montreal Canadiens

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    I think Scott Gomez might even put himself on this particular list because he has done absolutely nothing since arriving in Montreal.

    His contract has been a complete albatross on Montreal's payroll and they haven't been able to get rid of him.

    Gomez has been getting a lot of hate from NHL fans and Montreal fans alike.

Nashville Predators

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    David Legwand gets a lot of love from the people in Nashville and it's understandable why. He was the team's first ever draft pick and has been with them from the very beginning.

    There have been a lot of ups and downs in the lifetime of the Nasvhille Predators, and Legwand has seen them all.

    Still, fans from outside the Nashville market might throw the term overrated at Legwand because, for all that he's done, Legwand has only scored 20 goals or more twice.

    Lots of love in Nashville, but not much more outside of there.

New Jersey Devils

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    Ilya Kovalchuk is an elite talent but has earned some hate over the past couple of years.

    His contract saga from a couple of seasons ago didn't help earn affection, and his commitment to playing defense was something others also questioned.

    I think he answered most of those defensive questions in New Jersey, but that kind of one-way stigma is can be a hard thing to shake.

    And when people label you as a guy who is only willing to play in the offensive zone, fans will look at you as a selfish player that "sucks" on the whole.

New York Islanders

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    Rick DiPietro has just had a ton of bad luck in his career and has just never been able to stay healthy.

    Then throw in his huge contract that the Islanders can't trade or buy out and you get a negative look going.

    Despite his early promise, DiPietro has definitely earned a "sucky" reputation.

New York Rangers

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    Arron Asham earned himself a lot of haters after this play from the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and rightfully so.

    He's always had a reputation of a defender that plays with a bit of an edge, and his penalty minutes show that; but after this play, many people may have jumped on an "Asham sucks" bandwagon.

Ottawa Senators

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    Chris Neil's role on the Senators is to be an enforcer, and the fact that he has never had fewer than 145 penalty minutes in a single season shows that very clearly.

    The pure enforcer is a dying breed as they aren't really that effective in the defensive or offensive zones. 

    Despite Neil's longevity, a lot of people view him as just an enforcer despite the fact that he's even, in terms of plus/minus, on his career.

    Still, the enforcer label makes people think that he's not a good hockey player.

Philadelphia Flyers

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    The NHL 24/7 series gave most of the hockey world a new affection for Ilya Bryzgalov, but his play has done the opposite.

    Bryzgalov is so inconsistent and doesn't work hard enough to overcome them. He's a head case who can get lost in the universe a bit too often to carry his team anywhere. His play in the playoffs this year showed that.

Phoenix Coyotes

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    Mike Smith had a great season this past year and nobody really expected him to, but his playoff antics definitely earned a lot of criticism.

    From his major slash on Dustin Brown in a game where his whole team lost composure, to his attempt to slash Mike Richards after he gave up the Conference Championship goal to Dustin Penner. 

    Or his Olympic-worthy dive in the playoffs, Smith has certainly earned a reputation as a bit of a crybaby.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    There is no in-between with Sidney Crosby. You either love him or you think that he is a diving crybaby that sucks.

    There is a lot of Crosby hate out there, and it is quite ridiculous, but lots of people believe that he sucks.

San Jose Sharks

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    Patrick Marleau has earned a type of reputation that no player wants, especially a star player of his stature in the league.

    Marleau is a regular season player that disappears in the playoffs. Guys that are seen as players that shrink under the pressure of the playoff spotlight are ones that fans do not remember fondly.

    It leads to people questioning how much you really want to win, and that type of play will earn you a lot of people telling you that you "suck."

St. Louis Blues

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    Chris Stewart is another one of those players that has so much potential to be a great player in the league and who just doesn't work.

    He almost got to 30 goals two of the last three seasons, but questions started about his desire after he essentially pouted his way to being traded from Colorado.

    Then look at this past season where he didn't even crack 20 goals and was even a healthy scratch in the playoffs this past year.

    He's shown himself to be a head case and has been given one more year by St. Louis to get rid of this "sucky" stigma.

Tampa Bay Lightning

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    Sami Salo has an upside to bring to a team, but he might also be referred to as a player that "sucks." 

    Not because he's a bad player, but rather because he hasn't played more than 70 games in a season since 2003-2004.

    He's a tough signing for a team to take, especially at his age. That lack of durability can give off a bad image.

Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Dion Phaneuf always seems to get hated on, wherever he goes.

    He fell out of favor in Calgary and, despite being named captain in Toronto, still sees a lot of negativity coming his way.

    Phaneuf is viewed by many as overrated, and was voted that way by his peers. Fans see it too, which would mean a lot of them believe that he "sucks."

Vancouver Canucks

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    Despite their immense skill and constant presence at the top of the NHL scoring lists, the Sedin twins have the words "you suck" thrown at them a lot.

    Not just because they are constantly killing their opponents on the scoreboard, but also because they are known as some of the worst divers in the NHL.

Washington Capitals

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    Despite his ample offensive skill, many people around the league see Mike Green as an overrated player.

    Those that believe he "sucks" believe he is vastly overrated in his own end.

    Still, it's hard to ignore the kind of offensive numbers Green is capable of putting up.

Winnipeg Jets

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    Al Montoya isn't coming into Winnipeg with the expectation to be anything really special, and after his performances with the Islanders it's a good thing.

    He's never been able to establish himself as a starter in the league and would be pretty lucky to establish himself as a solid backup.

    Montoya lacks a lot of the mental toughness to be an NHL goalie and it shows in the way that he is constantly replaced.