Brian Burke and the Biggest Hotheads in NHL Management

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Brian Burke and the Biggest Hotheads in NHL Management

A good manager is a lot like a computer: calculating, objective, and cool.

From atop the highest perches of an NHL franchise, behind closed doors, GMs and VIPs wield the power to dictate the present, as well as the future of a given team.  They must make impartial hockey decisions, as well as difficult business ones, all for the good of the collective whole.  Most importantly, Managers are often required to stifle their emotions, or run the risk of letting them cloud their judgment.

There's only one problem: Managers are not computers.  They are human beings.

The weight of the burden that a GM or President carries is immense.  Aside from constructing a competitive roster, they must negotiate contracts, draft young players and satiate the ravenous fans and reporters who expect much and demand more.  Their decisions can drastically alter the lives of players, coaches and their families.  It is no surprise that some of these men can get pushed over the edge.

They are the ones who make the biggest splashes on the open market.  They are the ones who make headlines for assaulting the press.  They are the ones who provide top-notch entertainment each off season and deadline day.  They are the ones you do not want to cross.

These are five of the NHL's biggest managerial hotheads in recent memory (in no particular order).

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