Bleacher Report: The Importance of Rating Articles

Jamie WardSenior Analyst IFebruary 16, 2009

I am not sure if every community on Bleacher has them, but I know the Liverpool community has one or two very poor writers from other communities peddling their poorly written articles filled with slander and propaganda.

It can be very frustrating when their constant daily stream of "articles" fill the Liverpool community and pushes better-quality pieces off of the front page, resulting in the better quality articles—which Bleacher Report is supposed to pride itself on—forced from the attention of readers much faster than they should be.

When I first started on Bleacher and I happened across these terrible "articles," I rose to the bait and argued the points raised, only to realise the "writers" are not here to discuss their ramblings and back up their wild claims, they are simply here to berate rival supporters and churn out propaganda whilst remaining anonymous in their comments.

I then realised talking sense and explaining why they are wrong was a joyless task and wouldn't get me anywhere, so instead, whenever I saw their name on an article, I would simply ignore it. I hoped this would contribute to their work disappearing from the Liverpool Community front page.

After a conversation with another Bleacher writer, Steven Ho, I realised he was right in saying I should be at least rating there articles with one star and this would hopefully remove the poorer articles quicker from the site, leaving room for the better quality articles and points of view to rise to the top.

It is a process I have started to do and when ever I see these poorly written "articles," I will be rating them appropriately and I am writing this article to urge you all to follow suit.

We are a community on Bleacher Report that has the ability to create a better environment filled with great articles and people who are here to provide sensible points of view—not necessarily opinions that are all the same; that's not what I am getting at.

This article is not to try and eradicate everyone who disagrees with me; this is to remove the badly written articles and hopefully improve the quality of the site as a whole.

A few of us have been in contact with the Bleacher team with the hope of a better rating process that covers a little more than the current system, something that rewards how well the article has been written and for its originality.

So next time you happen across a badly written article, make sure you give it what it deserves and rate it with one star. Hopefully we can phase them out of the site, leaving room for the better quality articles and writers who are here to make Bleacher Report a better place to be.

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