Pittsburgh Penguins: Quick Fixes to Some of the NHL's Most Boring Jerseys

Adam Rickert@adam_rickertAnalyst IIJune 15, 2012

Pittsburgh Penguins: Quick Fixes to Some of the NHL's Most Boring Jerseys

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    The Pittsburgh Penguins were one of the hardest-hit teams by the Reebok jersey re-design in 2007. Just a few seasons after the team added the somewhat dull Vegas Gold to replace their bright yellow-gold of decades before, it had to re-design its jersey template to fit the Reebok EDGE system.

    It didn't work out.

    I give the Penguins some credit for their uniforms, as they are unique in terms of color; however, many fans think they are some of the most boring in the NHL. Even their own fans seem to dislike them; it seems like there's more blue (light and dark) third jerseys in the Consol Energy Center game in and game out than black and gold.

    To fix these problems, I have designed several Penguins concepts that I think would be better received than the current duds.

    Credit goes to nhluniforms.com for the templates, and also, please note that all I used for these was Paint, so they're not the highest quality.

    Also, I apologize that the pictures are somewhat small. They're a lot bigger on my Paint program, but I don't know how to make them bigger on here.

Same Colors, Vintage Design

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    All I did here was kept the Vegas Gold and replaced the brighter yellow color on the Mario-era jerseys. I think this is a great look compared to the current jerseys.

    I really don't have a huge problem with the Vegas Gold, even if it is a somewhat boring color. It's unique, and the NHL needs a wider variety of colors throughout the league instead of all red and blue teams.

Colors from Different Eras

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    I really like the way the baby blue looks in the place of Vegas Gold on the 2003-2007 version of the Penguins' jerseys.

    This look takes a page out of the history books while still keeping a somewhat modern and unique design.

Same Colors, Vintage Design...Again

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    These older Penguins jersey designs were the basis of the 2008 Winter Classic jersey. I replaced the baby blue with Vegas Gold and the dark blue on the jersey with black. I really like these colors with this design, and it really gives a vintage feel that has been very popular throughout the league lately.

Inverse of the Current Set

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    I don't think the Penguins should go to a mainly blue jersey—too many teams wear blue in the NHL and it would take away from the Pittsburgh tradition of black and yellow.

    However, this inverse of the current set gives the home and road jerseys a very wintry feel—something I've liked about the Penguins' two blue throwbacks. Who could be better for a design reminiscent of winter than a team nicknamed "The Boys of Winter"?

Color Change to Current Set

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    We've seen how the current colors work well with some throwback designs, and now we see the current design with a brighter and more defined shade of yellow.

    Like I said, I don't hate Vegas Gold by any means, but aren't these jerseys a huge improvement on the current set with just a slight alteration in the shade of yellow/gold?

What Should the Penguins Do?

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    Throughout history, the Penguins have had some of the greatest jerseys in the NHL, but the current set is looked down upon by a lot of fans, and it doesn't live up to some of Pittsburgh's designs of the past.

    What do you think the Penguins should do? Do you like the current set? Any of my concepts? Any other concepts that you've seen? Let me know in the comments section.