Usain Bolt Video: Watch Jamaican Sprinter Run over Flower Girl

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 8, 2012

Usain Bolt destroyed the competition, very nearly taking a flower girl and a delightful bouquet along with him. 

Yahoo Sports brings us up to speed on the particulars of this amazing video that features Bolt doing what he does best and a flower girl getting a little too eager with her duties. 

The video comes from the International Diamond Meet, and from the looks of it, I would say the Jamaican sprinter is in top form heading into the Summer Olympics. 

The fastest man alive records a 9.79 in the 100-meter meet and does it without breaking much of a sweat. This is pretty normal for a man who likes to showboat as he is setting world records. 

This race was nearly a walk in the park until the flower girl did her due diligence and tried to get the winner a bouquet of flowers. 

Instead of waiting until Bolt slows to a crawl, she runs up to him as he still has some hefty momentum. Bolt runs into the girl who goes flying backwards, but he saves the day by keeping her upright. 

First, I think we can dispense with the act of getting some flowers to the winner of a 100-meter race. I am sure most of these sprinters take them and think to themselves, "awesome, so now I have to hold onto these things until it's acceptable to put them down." 

Sort of like any time a man is given a purse to hold. Yay, an impromptu chore. 

Second, flower girls be warned that Bolt's slow jogs are another man's full-on sprints. He may look like he is going slower than usual, but he is still trucking along faster than I could ever dream. Watch out. 

In fact, just tell Bolt where he can pick up the bouquet. 


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