Blue Jackets Hot and Cold

Nate SantoianniCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

This is a quick rundown of who is hot and cold right now for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Many might argue that the whole team is playing well, and they are, but there are a few bad bulbs in the box still.

Let’s take a look at the top five hot, and top five cold guys in the present locker room.


1. Mike Peca - This guy is playing really well right now. He’s been stepping up his game offensively and working very well with young Jake the Snake and Nik.  He has played real well on the PK as well helping them stop teams power plays at critical times.

2. Freddy Modin - This guy has really held on tight during Nash’s absence and he has been skating well and playing strong.  It would help if he would shoot the puck more though because the guy has one hell of a threatening shot!

3. Jake Voracek - He has really played well given his limited ice time.  Keep in mind he potted a goal from a near impossible angle on Raycroft the other night.  I really hope he keeps it up because when he is on fire it just adds to the dynamic offense that the blue jackets can have.

4. Manny Malhotra - I can honestly say that this guy right here spells the “DEPTH.”  He has filled in tremendously during the injury onslaught that the jackets are battling through.  He is picking up points while playing well on special teams and winning critical faceoffs.  This is the Manny that we will need if there is to be a playoff push.  But honestly, you still never know with this team.

5. Jan Hejda - Among Howson’s roster moves, this guy is one of my favorites and probably one of the most underrated guys on the team and in the league.  He has really built a solid anchor back there with Mike Commodore as a good shut-down pair.  He throws a lot of punishing hits and really makes some solid heads-up plays in his own zone.  On top of that he protects the crease well by getting guys out of the way, something we aren’t really accustomed to with our D-men.

BLUE JACKETS riding out the COLD:

Keep in mind this list is very difficult to make…

1. Christian Backman - What can I say about him… In the Avs game he turned the puck over twice in his own zone on the power-play which nearly resulted in a shorthanded goal.  Thankfully, Mason saved the day with that one.

2. Jared Boll - Only thing with Jared is he needs to actually hit the guy when he goes into his checks.

3. Mike Commodore - He needs to back-check a little faster, guys have been getting around him lately.

4. RJ Umberger - I wish he’d forecheck a little bit more, make some of those great passes, and take a strong shot like he can.  Get this guy going and we’re definitely a better team.

5. Steve Mason - I know I’m going to probably get crap for this one, but the kid is going to hit a wall at some point.  He’s letting out bigger rebounds.  Thankfully Waived Dubielewicz should provide some healthy backup.  And surprise, Leclaire is out for the season.  We need to give Steve the Stone a break now…

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