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Every NHL Team's Season as Depicted by Your Favorite Movie

Kevin W. RyanContributor IIIOctober 12, 2016

Every NHL Team's Season as Depicted by Your Favorite Movie

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    Another great NHL regular season is nearly complete; all we need left are the underdogs. Late playoff pushes can always be interesting and certainly posses the possibility to have that "Lehigh over Duke" shocking effect.  

    Although three games remain, it's safe to close the regular season book for the majority of the teams this season.  

    Here are the NHL season summaries with similar stories depicted in Hollywood.

Anaheim Ducks

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    Western Conference Standings: 12th

    Pacific Division Standings: Fifth 

    Yet another disappointing season down in Disneyland for the Ducks. They only created excitement for a few games recently, where they snagged 17 points in just nine games, with only one ending in OT.

    Hopefully, the management will churn future stars like Devante Smith-Pelley, deal Bobby Ryan or just go back to the "Flying V" and let Emilio run the club again. 

    Movie Resemblance: The Rum Diary

    Similar to Anaheim, The Rum Diary was marketed with its impressive resume yet was simply disappointing.  

Boston Bruins

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    Eastern Conference Standings: Second 

    Northeast Division Standings: First  

    Not quite The Hangover everyone expected from their slow start in October, but come November, the Cup champs turned it on with a 14-0-1 run and never looked back.   

    Currently matching up in the first round with No. 7-seeded Ottawa (subject to change) should be a simple series for the Bruins, but as we saw last year, once the playoffs start, anything can happen.  

    Movie Resemblance: Hunger Games

    There is not one lovely soul in Boston that doesn't believe their Bruins are hungry enough to win it all. 

Buffalo Sabres

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    Eastern Conference Standings: Ninth

    Northeast Division Standings: Third

    Buffalo has been on the outside looking in all season long, yet have not had a better chance at locking a playoff spot than right now. 

    The Sabres are currently just two points outside of Ovechkin and Co. in the eighth spot with 86 points and only three games remaining. 

    Movie Resemblance: 300

    It's Miller Time in Buffalo, yet the odds aren't exactly in the Sabres' favor...

Chicago Blackhawks

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    Western Conference Standings: Sixth

    Central Division Standings: Fourth

    Chicago has some truly unusual standings, as their entire division (ahem, sans Columbus) tops the Western Conference. If the NHL didn't award each division leader the first three seeds in the playoffs, the Central division would own the 2, 3, 4 and 5 seeds—all registering over 97 points.   

    Hossa, Sharp and Kane lead team without Toews and Keith, following his five-game suspension for this hit on Sedin. 

    Movie Resemblance: The Dilemma 

    Besides the fact that Vince Vaughn is the star of the flick and a diehard Blackhawks fan, the Madhouse on Madison has a real dilemma with the loss of captain Jonathan Toews' health. Perhaps they sign Madhouse legend Derrick Rose? 

Calgary Flames

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    Western Conference Standings: 11th

    Northwest Division Standings: Third

    Vancouver purely dominates their weak division, yet the Flames still had a fighting chance to sneak into a playoff spot. However, posting a 2-4-4 record in their last 10 games will not yield playoff success. 

    Movie Resemblance: Your Highness

    Just like last year, it's basically the same stoner comedy pumped out of Hollywood. Calgary on the brink of the playoffs is exactly like last year, leaving fans with hope for next season.  

    Long Live No. 12 in Calgary! 

Columbus Blue Jackets

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    Western Conference Standings: 15th 

    Central Division Standings: Fifth

    Another weak season in Columbus. The only real positives were near the trade deadline, where captain Rick Nash might have been moved.

    They needed a change and didn't get it. Once the season is complete, the Jackets front office has confirmed that they will, once again, try to deal Nash for whatever they can get. 

    However, they landed solid young defenseman in Jack Johnson in exchange for winger Jeff Carter.  

    Movie Resemblance: Just Go With It

    The front office keeps preaching patience; I think all there is left is hope... 

Colorado Avalanche

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    Western Conference Standings: 10th

    Northwest Division Standings: Second 

    Their 88 points are good enough for second in the division; however, the Central and Pacific are so strong that the only team from the Northwest, once again, will be Vancouver. 

    Movie Resemblance: Miracle

    With only two games remaining, Colorado needs to call on a miracle to just make the playoffs. However, the end of the famed Disney flick is slightly different than Colorado's end to the 2011-12 season...

Carolina Hurricanes

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    Eastern Conference Standings: 12th

    Southeast Division Standings: Fifth 

    Another disappointing season for Cam and Eric down in Carolina. In the last three seasons, Carolina's best regular season finish was 19th overall. 

    On top of that, Carolina is the only team without a shootout win all season. 

    Movie Resemblance: Gigli

    In the last three seasons, the Hurricanes have been a gigantic bomb—and no bomb at the box office was worse than Gigli. 

    Hey, at least they're not dead last...

Dallas Stars

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    Western Conference Standings: Ninth

    Pacific Division Standings: Fourth 

    Everyone battles in the Pacific; however, Dallas has been grinding out wins and plan on taking that success to the playoffs in an effort to shock the strong Central representatives. However, the Stars have lost two in a row and are 4-6-0 in their last 10 games—not making a Stanley Cup statement. 

    Movie Resemblance: The Sixth Sense

    I see dead people, and they are all wearing "Dallas Stars" uniforms...

Desert Dogs

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    Western Conference Standings: Seventh

    Pacific Division Standings: Second 

    The Yotes are having another strong season despite a strange roster. Phoenix continues to win tough games in and out of the division—a division that is still up for grabs between four teams, all coming down to the final three games

    Movie Resemblance: Slapshot

    Phoenix has no fans, an old veteran as the captain and are fighting for their lives. Behind Doan and The Wizard, the Yotes posses the team to make a playoff run; however, we'll have to see how much fight they have left in them. 

Detroit Red Wings

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    Western Conference Standings: Fifth

    Central Division Standings: Third 

    All smiles in the D with this successful squad. Detroit has had its fair share of injury woes and suspensions this season, yet still stands strong against division rivals St. Louis, Nashville and Chicago—like usual.  

    Movie Resemblance: Friday

    All. Around. Greatness.

Edmonton Oilers

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    Western Conference Standings: 14th

    Northwest Division Standings: Fifth

    There has been some prolific scoring from future stars Hall, Eberle and RNH, yet they still greatly need a goaltender and some help on the blue line. Eventually, the "future draft pick" method will have to turn out or the Oilers will continue to disappoint that strong fanbase. 

    Movie Resemblance: Jerry Maguire

    Show someone the money already! 

Florida Panthers

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    Eastern Conference Standings: Third

    Southeast Division Standings: First 

    Similar to the Pacific Division out west, Florida should storm into the playoffs in the third seed when, according to the points, they should be in the neighborhood of seventh.  

    The Panthers have had a ridiculously surprising season, surging in a weak division.

    Movie Resemblance: Groundhog Day

    The Panthers have missed the playoffs for the last 10 years while signaling hope to their fans that one day, that streak might end. It has completely failed for the last 10 years, but finally, they have broken ground. 


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    Eastern Conference Standings: 15th

    Northeast Division Standings: Fifth 

    Montreal is the worst team in the Eastern Conference, and after last season's playoff failure, Montreal fans cannot be happy at all. The Habs landed a sixth seed in the 2011 playoffs and squandered a 2-0 lead, having won both of the first two games on the road. Then Game 7 happened, then Tim Thomas happened and then Montreal sank.

    Funny you mention sink... 

    Movie Resemblance: Titanic

    Coming off that playoff run, it was understandable to expect Montreal to be a playoff contender. However, that ideology hit a gigantic, ironic iceberg. 

Leafs Nation

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    Eastern Conference Standings: 14th

    Northeast Division Standings: Fourth 

    Toronto started the season off with a bang, taking nine points in the first five games. However, I am a firm believer that early season success is borderline meaningless, as Toronto has proven for me... 

    Movie Resemblance: Bambi

    Thought it was going to be happy, unfortunately no, no...

    Hey, at least there will be some love at the Winter Classic

Los Angeles Kings

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    Western Conference Standings: Third

    Pacific Division Standings: First

    Same as last year, the Kings continue to battle defensively for wins behind superstar netminder Jonathan Quick and franchise defenseman Drew Doughty. Adding winger Jeff Carter helps take the pressure off Kopitar and Richards to score every night, a strategy that is hinting at a Stanley Cup run. 

    Movie Resemblance: True Grit

    The Kings are one of the worst offensive teams in the league and still manage to grind out tough wins in big time situations. 

Minnesota Wild

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    Western Conference Standings: 13th

    Northwest Division Standings: Fourth 

    Minnesota was the first team in the NHL to 50 points, yet have finished off very weak and will yet again miss the playoffs. What's great about the State of Hockey's professional club is their fanbase, something much appreciated by the Wild organization

    Movie Resemblance: The Matrix Series

    They started off great, then they just completely died out under the radar. 

Nashville Predators

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    Western Conference Standings: Fourth

    Central Division Standings: Second

    Call me crazy for thinking a sport like ice hockey would be big in Tennessee, but this bunch has had such success that they've created a renaissance in Nashville. Perhaps that will make up for Vols football? 

    Movie Resemblance: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

    Shea and Pekka go to the Stanley Cup Finals. 

New Jersey Devils

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    Eastern Conference Standings: Sixth

    Atlantic Division Standings: Fourth

    Fourth place in the division with 90 points? Awesome. Legendary goaltender Marty B is holding down the defense and continues to keep the underrated Devils a Stanley Cup threat. 

    Movie Resemblance: Mystery, Alaska

    A truly underrated team deserves a truly underrated movie, and Mystery, Alaska is one of the greatest hockey films of all-time. 

New York Islanders

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    Eastern Conference Standings: 14th

    Atlantic Division Standings: Fifth

    Though they are in a tough division, they're still riding out the "rebuilding year" excuse. I'd like to see the front office get more aggressive with trades, free agents, etc., maybe even take a similar route outsourcing the finances like the Miami Marlins have.

    Their rebuilding includes left winger Matt Moulson (pictured), Kyle Okposo and Michael Grabner. Tavares needs more help! 

    Movie Resemblance: Half Baked

    The front office motives couldn't be more Half Baked than now...

New York Rangers

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    Eastern Conference Standings: First

    Atlantic Division Standings: First 

    The Rangers have been in 1st place with that target on their back seemingly all season long and look towards the first round of the payoffs to bring the Cup home again. Maybe Torts will sound off and make a guarantee like Mess in '94! 

    Movie Resemblance: Moneyball

    The front office has done an incredible job building this team around Henrik Lundqvist, bringing in sniper Marian Gaborik and blossoming prospects Brandon Prust, Ryan McDonagh and Carl Hagelin, creating the ultimate team. 

Ottawa Senators

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    Eastern Conference Standings: Seventh

    Northeast Division Standings: Second

    Following the emotional All-Star weekend featuring Sens standouts Erik Karlsson, Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza, the Ottawa Senators have proven they can hang in the East. As of now, they'd match up with No. 2-seeded Boston in the first round. 

    Movie Resemblance: 50/50

    Those odds are clearly the best Ottawa will get against the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, but it has the young talent coupled with veteran leadership to get it done, all depending on success with its goalies. 

Philadelphia Flyers

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    Eastern Conference Standings: Fifth

    Atlantic Division Standings: Third

    Incredibly in third place in the league's most dominant division—what, with likely MVP Evgeni Malkin and likely Vezina winner Hank Lundqvis—yet the surprising Flyers yield all kinds of talent.

    Philadelphia has young leadership in Claude "G-Sus" Giroux, veteran scoring with the best European-born player of all-time in Jaromir Jagr, unmatched prospects in Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier and the biggest surprise of them all: Scott Hartnell.  

    Movie Resemblance: Goodfellas

    Philly possesses the all around team NHL executives dream of, and the Broad Street Bullies won't hesitate to stop swinging until the Stanley Cup is theirs. 

    "Sure Ma, I settle down with a nice girl every night...then I'm free the next morning" 

    Long live G-Sus.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Eastern Conference Standings: 10th

    Atlantic Division Standings: Third 

    Pittsburgh has had its fair share of Jersey Shore-esque drama, what with Sid the Kid's comebacks, yet this has given Russian superstar Evgeni Malkin the opportunity to truly shine.  

    Malkin has led the Penguins to unreal odds to win the Stanley Cup, and with Sid back in full effect, the Penguins are the team to beat in the East.   

    Movie Resemblance: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    The Good: Malkin likely MVP and "James Neal has how many goals?"  

    The Bad: Violent loss to the Flyers at home on April Fools Day, 2012 

    The Ugly: Sidney concussed yet again.  

    What a wild, exciting season for Pittsburgh. 

San Jose Sharks

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    Western Conference Standings: Eighth

    Pacific Division Standings: Third 

    In an ever tumultuous season in the South Bay, Los Tiburones have shared both triumph and tragedy in scraping together wins to hold on to that eighth seed. The Sharks are no stranger to the eighth seed upset over the No. 1 team, as they fell victim to the Anaheim Ducks in the first round of the 2009 NHL Playoffs. 

    Movie Resemblance: 12 Angry Men

    Ryane Clowe nearly called out his teammates after recently dropping two pivotal games in as many chances, but the entire team had similar feelings to Clowe and turned it around with a 3-0 shutout against Dallas to end the month of March. 

    Or we could all just be like Ray Ratto and "just win the game".  

St. Louis Blues

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    Western Conference Standings: Second

    Central Division Standings: First

    Pure lyrical perfection from the Blues this season, as they haven't finished higher than third in the division since 2003-04. St. Louis rode their two standout goalies to the Central Division title and look forward to the playoffs in an effort to prove they are this year's elite squad.  

    Movie Resemblance: Project X

    The Blues are living that party that you'll talk about forever. 

Tampa Bay Lightning

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    Eastern Conference Standings: 11th

    Southeast Division Standings: Fourth 

    I has to be tough that you can't ride a 50-goal scorer to the playoffs. But the good news is that that same 50-goal scorer is only 21 years old and likely to lead the franchise for the duration of his career.   

    Movie Resemblance: Rookie of the Year

    If only they had some defense to go along with that superstar...

Vancouver Canucks

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    Western Conference Standings: First

    Northwest Division Standings: First 

    They've been cruising to the playoffs this season and still are a 7/1 favorite to win the Cup. 

    It would be great for the fans if they could match up with the Blackhawks in the playoffs again and perhaps continue this newly-acquired blood feud. Just ask Daniel... 

    Movie Resemblance: The Hangover

    What the hell happened in Game 7? 

Washington Capitals

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    Eastern Conference Standings: Eighth

    Southeast Division Standings: Second

    A roller-coaster of a season for the Caps has proven to be intense, yet the highly-scrutinized superstar Alexander Ovechkin having recent success fuels their late-season surge into the playoffs. 

    Buffalo is not far behind with 86 points as Washington closes out the season at Tampa Bay, vs. Florida and at New York (Rangers).  

    Movie Resemblance: The Break-Up

    Sad to see Bruce go, but "it had to be done." 

Winnipeg Jets

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    Eastern Conference Standings: 10th

    Southeast Division Standings: Third 

    The J-E-T-S need a relocation for their division, as Canada is anything but "Southeast," yet the weak Southeast has helped Winnipeg make somewhat of a run at a playoff spot.

    The fans have truly made a statement of how much the game means to Canada, as they have one of the best fan bases in the entire league—as if the 15-year removal of an NHL franchise meant the world to them.  

    Movie Resemblance: Field of Dreams

    "If you build it, they will come" 

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